Compsognathus longipes (S/F-Ride)

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Compsognathus means “Elegant jaw”. Compsognathus was discovered in Germany by Joseph Oberndorfer in 1859, though a fossil has also been discovered in France. Compsognathus is well known for its small size and stature. It lived, contrary to InGen’s scientific name, in the Late Jurassic era 150 million years ago.

Compsognathus has been found to be 1 meter (3 ft) long and 26 cm (10 inches) at the hip.

It weighed between 0.83 km (1.8 lbs) and 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs). At least two Compsognathus were present on Isla Aventura.

During the breakout of Isla Aventura, right after the raft full of tourists was bumped off its course into the carnivore area, two Compsognathus were seen fighting over the shirt of an employee of the park. It is unknown if the Compsognathus killed the employee  or if he was killed by another species on the island.

It is unknown what happened to the two Compsognathus after the breakout. However, it can be assumed that if they survived they would have been put down.