Congresswoman Delgado (S/F)

Congresswoman Delgado is a female United States Congressional representative for an unknown state within the United States of America. During Claire Dearing‘s Dinosaur Protection Group campaign in 2018 to save Isla Nublar‘s dinosaurs from imminent destruction due to the eruption of Mt. Sibo, dinosaur veterinarian Dr. Zia Rodriguez contacted Delgado hoping to have her support in garnering federal funding should the United States decide to intercede in the Isla Nublar eruption.

Rodriguez unsuccessfully attempted to persuade the congresswoman to support the DPG’s efforts to save the Isla Nublar dinosaurs, and nearly began a heated discussion if not for the intervention of lead organizer Claire Dearing. Dearing appealed to Delgado’s emotions, asking her if she’d like an entire generation, including her two daughters, that has grown up with cloned dinosaurs watch them go extinct once again. The plea worked, and Delgado agreed to support the DPG. Unfortunately, news broke soon after that the congressional committee debating the fate of Isla Nublar’s dinosaur population had decided not to intervene, citing the incident as an “act of God” involving a privately owned venture.