Cooper (Mercenary) (S/F)

Cooper was a mercenary and weapons specialist hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby to accompany them to Isla Sorna in 2001. During the plane trip to the island, Cooper told Billy Brennan that he knew the Kirbys “through church;” it is unclear if this was true or merely a cover story.  When Grant tried to intervene with their plans to land on the island, he hit Dr. Grant on the back of the head and knocked him unconscious.  Shortly after their arrival on Isla Sorna, Cooper ventured into the jungle alone and fought the Spinosaurus by himself, though lost his gun and was badly injured in the process. He tried, without success, to flag down the plane as it took off. He was then killed (and possibly eaten) by the Spinosaurus as it burst from the jungle next to him, causing the plane to crash into the forest.

During preparation to go to Isla Sorna, Cooper test-fired a Barrett M82A2 (incorrectly identified as an Einhorn 20mm rifle).  He also carried this weapon upon arrival of the island, but was not seen using it again although it could be heard in the jungle.  He also wore an unknown type of pistol holstered on his hip, along with a hunting knife (possibly a machette).

Cooper was played by John Diehl.