Corporate Espionage (S/F)

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Corporate espionage–also called industrial or economic espionage–is a form of espionage, a criminal act, conducted for commercial purposes rather than for national security purposes. Industrial espionage is conducted by corporate entities against other corporations, usually to the end of stealing technology or secrets from one company so that another can replicate that technology and attempt to supplant the former company.

InGen‘s corporate rival engaged in industrial espionage to the end of trying to steal viable dinosaur embryos from their cold storage units on Isla Nublar. To do this, the rival company planted some of their employees (or bribed InGen’s) to move the embryos and recruited Dennis Nedry to actually steal them by hacking the park’s automated security systems and moving them to the East Dock. Ultimately, their plan failed when Nedry got lost and was killed by a Dilophosaurus.