Cutouts (C/N)

On Isla Nublar, ‘cutouts’ where the term that the park staff used for areas where the electric fence short circuited. In that case, the fence would automatically cut out power to the affected section. There were three Cutouts during the Isla Nublar Incident.

The first was in Sector Twelve, and was caused by when the Tyrannosaurus Rex broke through the electric fence by the Main Road when power was originally shut off by Dennis Nedry, leading to the attack on several of the Park’s guests.

The second cutout was in Sector Eleven, by the Sauropod Maintenance Building, and was again caused by the Tyrannosaurus, this time breaking into the Sauropod enclosure. It was knocked flat, trampled, causing the Park’s staff to worry about the Tyrannosaur killing one of Jurassic Park’s larger inhabitants before they could remove her.

The third cutout was in the Jungle River fence, near where Nedry met his demise, and was caused when a protocarpus tree, held down by guy wires and turnbuckles, was knocked over by the storm. It was discovered that despite protocol, which stated that plastic coated guy wires and ceramic turnbuckles were to be used near fences, the landscapers had used uncoated metal guy wires and metal turnbuckles, which brushed against the fence and caused the short, and burst several ceramic insulators in the process. While repairing this fence and removing the offending tree, guy wires, and turnbuckes, the crew had to keep an eye out for the park’s resident population of Dilophosaurus wetherilli “venenifer”, whose cries they heard as they finished working.

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