Dane County Airport (S/F)

Karen and Scott at the Airport
Karen and Scott at the Airport

Dane County Airport was a civil-military airport serving Madison, Wisconsin. The airport was created in 1936, originally as a military airfield. The Airport has at least three terminals, and serves four major airlines: Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines.

Jurassic World 

Karen and Scott Mitchell drove from their home to Dane County Airport to drop off their children for their flight. Once at the airport, Karen and Scott said goodbye to Gray and Zach, exhorting them to be safe.


The film depicts the airport as larger then in reality, as the movie shows at least three terminals, the real airport has three runways.  Additionally, the Mitchell brothers might have transferred to an another airport for their connecting flight, as none of the airlines at Dane County Airport offer direct service to Costa Rica.

Source:The Cap Times (Madison newspaper)