Deborah Holland (JN)

A former marine that worked as the security chief for the Rangers.  Often seen wearing Jeans and a baseball jersey, she was assisted by Dr. Alan Grant on setting up a base of operations to study conditions on Isla Sorna.  When a trio of Carnotaurus attacked a landing party, she and the other Rangers used sonic devices to drive the dinosaurs off.

When an unidentified aircraft entered Sorna’s airspace, several parachutists ejected and Deborah had opposing views with Grant, wanting to immediately head out rather than wait until a full team was ready for a rescue effort.  Finally moving out, she assisted against a Carnotaurus attack with Simon Tunney who had stolen one of the team’s Humvees.

When Eric Kirby was asked to lead them to safety, she fired shots from a sonic cannon to stop the carnivores’ advance.  She and the team were rescued by helicopter reinforcements.