Demo Level (T/C)

The demo for Trespasser covers the fundamentals of the gameplay. Anne starts off on a high-up raised platform; there’s no explanation as to how she got there. Below her, to her right, is a “Tribe C” Velociraptor, a juvenile, judging by its small size. Approaching rapidly is a “Tribe B” Velociraptor, which proceeds to attack the smaller individual. Nine times out of ten, the larger animal will kill the smaller.

In front of Anne is a crude metal bridge, connecting her platform with another adjacent one. The player should be warned, however, that the bridge plummets to the ground if Anne touches it, usually resulting in her death if she falls with it.

There are several crates and steel barrels, marked “Flammable”, to her right. To the left of those is a larger rectangular crate; Anne has to grab one of the smaller boxes and place it next to the larger crate and use the smaller to get onto the larger. From there, Anne can jump to the next platform.

There are more boxes on the other platform. On top of these boxes are a few of the weapons in the game (listed in order of lineup): a Smith & Wesson 686, an Ingram MAC-10, a Franchi SPAS-12, an M-14 rifle, and a BAR Safari. From here, the player can try to pick off the raptors circling below, but it is difficult from that range.

On the far side of the platform, on the ground, is a slightly-raised mobile home. The player has to shoot this (it doesn’t matter which gun it’s with) in order to cause it to fall and roll down below the platform; the player has to jump onto that, for it’s the only way safe way down to the ground. Anne does sustain minor injury in the fall, so it’s recommended that the player wait a bit and regenerate health before proceeding.

Whatever weapons Anne equipped or- if the player was smart- threw down to the ground for later use are now Anne’s only means of survival against the two (or if the player didn’t kill any from the platform, three) Raptors in the area.

Once they’re gone, Anne moves on towards a large unfinished structure made of steel girders. Nearby is a shed, with another SPAS-12 shotgun inside. There’s one more raptor that spawns behind Anne, so the player has to contend with that next.

Above the player, on the structure, is a stack of crates. In front of the structure is a large wall, with an equally large stack of crates leading to the top. Anne must shoot down one of the crates on the platform and place it near the larger crates in order to get on, just like at the start.

When Anne gets to the top, she is met with an amazing, and yet terrifying, sight- a huge Tyrannosaurus rex, charging towards the wall- and her. The level ends just before the rex get to the wall.