Dennis Nedry (JN)

Jurassic Park’s chief computer programmer. Dennis Nedry was a grossly overweight, sloppy man who was very much disliked by his coworkers. He designed the system which ran the island, and was counted on by John Hammond to keep it up and running, with additional help from men like Ray Arnold. Nedry, who was suffering from unspecified financial problems, felt that Hammond was cheating him by not paying him as much as he wanted for his job. After he had failed to persuade Hammond to raise his pay, he turned traitor and secretly met with Lewis Dodgson, who represented a rival genetics company of InGen’s. For a sizable sum, half up front and half on delivery, Nedry agreed to smuggle embryos of all 15 dinosaur species off of Isla Nublar for Dodgson. To do so, he had to shut down all the safety systems so as to avoid the electric fences and spying security cameras.

With the power gone, the dinosaurs began escaping from their pens and killing people. On his way to the East Dock to meet Dodgson’s contact, the merchandise in tow, Nedry wrecked his jeep. While struggling with the winch to pull the vehicle back onto the road, he encountered a cute, seemingly harmless Dilophosaurus. Much to Nedry’s surprise, the dinosaur turned viscous quickly, and spat it’s gooey black venom into his eyes, blinding him. Nedry scrambled back into the jeep to escape, only to find the Dilophosaur in his jeep waiting for him. He was promptly killed and devoured by the dinosaur. As for the embryos, the can they were in fell from his pocket during the struggle and was buried in the mud.