Dennis Nedry (CB-Topps)

Works as a technician at Jurassic Park; he was convinced to work at the Park by John Hammond, despite the fact that Nedry wanted a higher pay. Finding the work irritating, Nedry decided to earn money from BioSyn by stealing embryos from InGen. At some point before the events of “Jurassic Park”, Nedry sneaks away from his work for the day and relaxes on a beach, but soon finds himself being chased by a herd of escaped Stegosaurus. He meets with Lewis Dodgson, a member of BioSyn, in Costa Rica, and is given a transport case for the embryos, disguised as a shaving foam can. He shuts down the fences of Jurassic Park for eighteen minutes, enough time to distract Hammond and the rest of the staff while he steals the embryos. As he rushes to leave the island, however, he takes a wrong turn (being misled by a fallen sign), crashes and is attacked and killed by a Dilophosaurus.