Dennis Nedry (C/N)

Dennis Nedry was an overweight, sloppy man that worked for John Hammond. He was a computer programmer from Integrated Computer Systems. He designed the system used in Jurassic Park, and was at first shocked to find that three billion fields were required for the system. During the development of the system, he was also told to make major changes not originally in the deal that had been made with Hammond. Nedry had been forced to comply, and was later approached by Lewis Dodgson. Dodgson hired Nedry, now a disgruntled employee of Hammond’s, to steal 15 dinosaurs embryos from the lab on Isla Nublar and hide them in a cryogenic container that looked like a can of shaving cream. Nedry had been trusted by Hammond until he shut down the park’s security and stole the embryos. He attempted to make his way to one of the island’s docks to have the embryos transported to Biosyn, the company Dodgson worked for. However, he lost his way, and was found and killed by a Dilophosaurus.