Dieter Stark (JN)

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A lazy-eyed man of German origin, Dieter Stark was Roland Tembo’s second-in-command during the Hunter expedition to Isla Sorna, and was put in charge of their base camp while Roland and Ajay Sidhu staked out the injured baby Tyrannosaurus. Dieter was a sadistic and cruel man, quick to start fights and delighting in zapping a tiny Compsognathus with a cattle prod unprovoked. This harsh act was eventually his downfall; while trekking towards the worker camp, Dieter split from the group to relieve himself. The only person he told where he was going was Carter who, unknown to Dieter, could not hear him because he was listening to music with headphones.

After wandering a fair distance, Dieter was startled by a Compsognathus and decided to enjoy himself by zapping it again. When he failed to do so, he found himself lost, and in his confusion fell down a hill and into a stream, where he was suddenly set upon by a horde of vicious Compys. Though he briefly fought them off and managed to escape, he eventually succumbed to exhaustion and was chased down by the Compys, who proceeded to tear him apart. Roland later remarked that all that was left of Dieter when they found him was “just the parts they didn’t like.”