Dodgson's Sonic Device (C/N)

In order to collect dinosaur eggs on Isla Sorna, Lewis Dodgson used a sonic device to deter the parent dinosaurs. The device is a large black box made of anodized metal, about the size of a shoebox and ending in a flaring cone, which was said by Dodgson to be a cone magnet. Underneath it there is a pistol grip, used to lift the device. On the back of the box is a knob and a graduated dial. When turned on, the box emits a continuous high-pitched noise. The pitch can be raised or lowered by twisting the dial. Dodgson, accompanied by companions Howard King and George Baselton, used the box to steal two Maiasaura eggs. When the trio attempted to rob the nest of a Tyrannosaurus rex, the cord connecting the box to its corresponding battery case was accidentally unplugged, resulting in the ceasing of the high-pitched sound. An attempt to plug the device back in by Dodgson failed, resulting in Baselton’s death. The device was then abandoned by a fleeing Dodgson in the jungles of Sorna.