Donald Gennaro (C/N)

Donald Gennaro was a lawyer that represented the investors of Jurassic Park, and was also a part owner of InGen. He had called Dr. Alan Grant numerous times before the Nublar incident to receive information in dinosaurs. Later, he accompanied the group going to Isla Nublar to rate the park. There, Gennaro saw the park to have immense financial potential, but was also cautious as to its safety. As numerous dinosaurs and park systems were introduced, Gennaro began to feel the park may not be safe enough. After Dennis Nedry’s attack on the system, the escape of the park’s adult Tyrannosaurus rex, and the death of Ed Regis, Gennaro wanted the park shut down. He accompanied Robert Muldoon multiple times to secure the park and rescue people. When the power went out, he went with Muldoon to the maintenance shed. There he was separated from Muldoon and escaped into the shed, almost being killed by a Velociraptor. He was rescued later by Alan Grant from a group of Procompsognathus, and went with him back to the Visitors Center. He helped take care of the kids as Grant killed the raptors. After the park systems started working again he went with Grant and Ellie Sattler to the raptor nest, and escaped the island on a helicopter. He later died of dysentery. It is not believed he died with relation to the park incident.