Frances White (IDW-DG)

Dr. Frances White, in the Dangerous Games comics, is a scientist that has been (willingly) living on Isla Nublar for over twenty years with her pack of Velociraptors. Originally she worked for InGen, but because of her methods (which leaned more for the protection of the animals and learning about their communications and at one point had started communicating with the raptors) Peter Ludlow confronted her. When he threatened her and her raptors with a gun Dr. White and the pack fled into the jungle of Isla Nublar, never to be seen or heard of again. That is until her pack and her save Agent Espinoza from being killed by an angry Allosaurus.

She later creates a diversion to get Espinoza into the facilities to get the keys for the helicopter to get off the island. While doing so she knocks out Cazares and gives him to the Tyrannosaurus to be “judged.” He is judged unworthy and is eaten by the tyrant lizard.