Henry Wu (C/N)

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Dr. Henry Wu was the chief geneticist at Jurassic Park and is credited with having first successfully cloned a dinosaur. He had been hired by John Hammond soon after the head of his lab died. He agreed to work with Hammond on cloning ‘reptiles’, though when he later found out he was cloning dinosaurs he discovered the process was more like cloning birds. He determined this due to the discovery that dinosaur nucleated red blood cells, much like birds. During the cloning process, he and the other geneticists inserted genes into the dinosaurs to make them patented. Lewis Dodgson would observe that through the process of patenting, no one else would legally be able to clone dinosaurs since Jurassic Park would have the trademark. During the Isla Nublar Incident, Dr. Wu acted as the guide during the part of the tour that explain the process that was associated with created dinosaurs.

However, Dr. Wu left out many details that Hammond felt would not need to be known. Also, while Dr. Wu seemed in good spirits throughout the tour, he secretly believed the dinosaurs should be made more docile and domesticated, both for safety and public opinion. He considered the behavior of the dinosaurs to be a second-order effect of the DNA, like Protein Enfolding, which could not be predicted or calculated. Dr. Wu believed the public would not think the dinosaurs were real, whether or not they actually were. Hammond, however, did not agree, and kept Dr. Wu from moving the project to Version 4.4.

When Alan Grant discovered a dinosaur egg fragment, Dr. Wu found that RANA, frog DNA, was the element that allowed dinosaurs to breed. Startled by these events, he was nonetheless intrigued to find that the dinosaurs breeding was proof that he had created a real animal. Dr. Wu directed Dr. Grant as he attempted to restart the power generator. During the Velociraptor attack on the Safari Lodge, when Ellie Sattler was distracting the Raptors, he opened the door to warn her of other raptors approaching from the roof. While they argued, Dr. Wu was attacked from above by a Raptor, and disemboweled. He died as a Raptor began to eat him.