LaDonna Belvedere (CB-Topps)

A scientist who studies animals in their habitats; Dr LaDonna Belvedere, with BioSyn funding, releases a gorilla into unfamiliar surroundings (the Colombian jungle) but comes across the Velociraptors “Alf” and “Celia” . She watches them and learns their body-language; when she confronts them, she uses their body signs, and they accept her presence. Eventually, she is confronted by Dr Fischer to start a new, BioSyn-headed Jurassic Park, and reluctantly accepts his offer of being head-keeper, so that she can watch the Raptor family grow. She continues to learn from the Raptors, but is disheartened at their captivity. Eventually, when the Raptors break out, they slaughter the BioSyn officers and Dr Fischer, and ignore her own signs of friendship, killing her.