Richard Levine (C/N)

Dr. Richard Levine was a paleontologist obsessed with InGen’s Site B. He talked with Ian Malcolm many times, and the two eventually decided, though with different personal reasons, to track down the island. Levine was a bookish type of scientist, always focusing on facts and details. Eventually, Levine had decided on an island chain that held the dinosaurs, though he did not know which one had Site B on it. He also discovered, with the aid of Marty Guitierrez, the washed up specimen of a dinosaur. He eventually verified Isla Sorna to be Site B, and immediately went to explore it with a local guide named Diego. Once on the island, the two were ambushed at a stream by Carnotaurus hidden in the foliage, and Diego was killed. Levine was able to escape, and later attacked by Velociraptors at night. These too he eluded, and spent the small amount of time alone on the island setting up cameras for video feed and studying the dinosaurs.

Malcolm and his group went to Isla Sorna to rescue Levine. He was discovered by Jack Thorne while fixing a camera near the Tyrannosaurus rex nest, and then aided the others in setting up camp and observing the dinosaurs. Levine became too engrossed in his studies, however, and presumably called a group of Parasaurolophus into a latrine state. Levine followed, wanting to investigate their actions, and was bitten by a Procompsognathus as he attempted to secure a sample of dinosaur spore. Later, when a baby Tyrannosaurus was brought to the trailers, Levine suggested bringing everyone but Malcolm and Sarah Harding back to the high hide for safety. There, they witnessed a Velociraptor attack on a herd of Triceratops, and later the death of Howard King by the same raptor pack. He also witnessed the Tyrannosaurus attack on the trailers from the high hide. Immediately afterwards, he and the others in the high hide were attacked by the Velociraptor pack. Eddie Carr fell and was killed, despite Levine’s attempts to save him. Arby too fell as Levine attempted to get him to relative safety. Levine then accompanied Thorne in the gas powered Jeep to save Arby. They succeeded, though Levine experienced a life-or-death moment and became more panicky. They hid in the worker village, surviving two Carnotaurus and a herd of Maiasaura. They were attacked by Velociraptors again, but were able to escape the island on a boat, Levine included.