Ecosystems of Jurassic Park (Full Album)

We don’t usually talk about fan related projects or even have a conventional news system here in place. Our focus is the encyclopedia and archiving the data in the canon for people to read about to get to know more about their favorite interest. That said, we had to share this truly unique and well put-together item called “Ecosystems of Jurassic Park” and it was composed by FossilBox on Youtube. What is it? Basically if you like ambient sounds and nature tracks (in this case the world of Jurassic Park) you’ll love this beautiful gem and play it on a loop. Go check out the video there (or here in the plugin below this wall of text), give FossilBox a like, and subscribe to his channel for more updates (and possibly more like this we hope) to show your support for this!

The tracks are:

1. The Essence of Chaos
2. Something Has Survived (Site B)
3. Arid Canyon (Site B)
4. Subsurface (Site B)
5. The Edge of Chaos
6. Feeding Time
7. Dangerous Abodes (Site B)
8. Geothermal (Site B)
9. Hammond’s Bungalow
10. A Brachiosaurus Chorus
11. Graveyard (Site B)

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