Ed Regis (C/N)

Ed Regis was the Head of Public Relations for Jurassic Park. He was usually given jobs outside his normal field of expertise, such as transporting an injured Tican worker to the mainland or acting as the tour guide for the experts that John Hammond hired to endorse Jurassic Park. However, he took to his jobs with a smile, if a fake one, but still accepted them. He would have been attacked by the Tyrannosaurus rex with the others in the Land Cruisers if he had not fled the scene early and escaped down a hill. Regis hid in a pile of rocks, hoping not to be found and humiliated, but eventually came out of hiding due to a large amount of leeches feasting on his blood. He started walking towards the Visitors’ Center then he was encountered by the juvenile Tyrannosaurus. Originally, the dinosaur seemed to be playing with Regis. However, it soon turned hunter and killed Regis in the sight of Dr. Alan Grant and the children.