Eddie Carr (C/N)

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Eddie Carr was the assistant of Jack Thorne at Thorne Mobile Field Systems. Carr helped assemble most of the equipment used on the Sorna expedition, and was nervous of their operation in the field. He accompanied Ian Malcolm and Thorne to Isla Sorna, and provided mechanical expertise where needed. He also went with the two other men and Sarah Harding to the Tyrannosaurus Rex nest, and had his boot attacked by one of the infant Tyrannosaurus. Though told to shoot it, Eddie brought the baby back to the trailers to see if it’s leg could be broken. Knowing nothing about surgery or animals, and at Levine’s suggestion, Carr went to the high hide for safety. When a pack of Velociraptors attacked the high hide, Carr attempted to beat them back with a metal pole. However, it was wrenched from his grasp by a raptor, and Carr fell to the ground where the pack killed him.