Eddie Carr (JN)

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Field equipment expert sent to Isla Sorna by Hammond. He designed and provided most of the equipment and vehicles used by the team. Eddie had nothing but contempt for Dr. Ian Malcolm‘s attitude toward technology, disliking his rough treatment of their equipment. Despite his meek, slow appearance, Eddie was quite intelligent and knew a little about weaponry as well. He brought along a Lindstradt air rifle, loaded with a fast-acting, deadly neurotoxin, to use if necessary. He also brought along a treehouse-like structure called a “high hide,” which was designed to act as a lookout for the researchers. When Ian, Dr. Sarah Harding, and Nick Van Owen were attacked by the Tyrannosaurs in the mobile command trailer, Eddie leapt heroically into action. He attached the cable winch of his Mercedes M-Class to the bumper of the trailer, trying to keep it held steady and from going over the cliff long enough for them to climb out. Unfortunately, this activity attracted the attention of the Tyrannosaurs. They pulled Eddie from the Mercedes even as he went for his deadly rifle, literally tearing the poor man in two between themselves.