Eddie Carr (CB-Topps)

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The field equipment expert sent to Isla Sorna by John Hammond, Eddie designed and provided most of the equipment and vehicles used by the team. He held nothing but contempt for Ian Malcolm’s attitude towards technology, and especially disliked his rough treatment of their equipment. Despite his meek, slow appearance, Eddie was quite intelligent and even knew a little about weaponry. He brought with him a Lindstradt air rifle loaded with a fast-acting and deadly cone snail neurotoxin as an extra precaution against dangerous animals. He described it as being so fast acting an accidental misfire could kill the person before they realized it.

He is also the inventor of a treehouse-like structure which he called a “high hide,” which was designed as a lookout post for the researchers. He designed a GPS system so that Ian and himself could track Sarah’s satellite phone to track down her location. When Ian, Sarah Harding, and Nick van Owen were attacked by the tyrannosaurs in the mobile command trailer, Eddie rushed to their aid, attempting to use the cable winch of his car to keep the trailer from going over the cliff so that the others could get out. Unfortunately, all this activity attracted the attention of the tyrannosaurs, who pulled him from the car and tore the poor man in two between themselves.