Eddie (S/F)

Eddie was one of the research scientists working at the Field Genetics Laboratory under Dr. Henry Wu. Eddie’s birthday took place during the Jurassic World Incident, on December 22nd. His co-workers celebrated his birthday by hosting a party for him after work hours, including cake, and distributing a card among the employees to sign their well wishes.

Eddie converses with the campers.

During the evacuation of Jurassic World, Eddie was left behind inside the laboratory. As the phone lines ,radio and cell service were down, he was forced to stay where he was until the Campers arrived to seek shelter. After initial shock at their arrival, he served them his birthday cake while he proceeded to hysterically assert that the incident was Dr. Wu’s fault.

Happy Birthday, Eddie

Upon being informed by Darius that they had arrived in a van, he immediately proceeded to run out the door and attempt to flee. Yasmina would give chase, but be unable to catch up to him before the Indominus Rex rammed into the car, sending it veering off the road. The scientist would attempt to flee by hiding underneath the vehicle, however the Indominus would overturn the van, exposing him. Eddie would only have a moment to get on his back and stare in horror before being eaten by the dinosaur.