Eric's Tanker Truck – Isla Sorna (S/F)

Sometime during Eric Kirby‘s eight week stay on Isla Sorna, he came across an old tanker truck once used by InGen before their evacuation from the island eight years prior. It sat partially sunken into the ground with water nearby.

During the two months that Eric was on the island, he stocked the tank of the vehicle with items such as InGen lanterns, supplies, and food such as cans of beans and Nestle Crunch Bars. When his parents came looking for him, Eric managed to rescue their guide, Dr. Alan Grant, from a pack of Velociraptors after Grant found himself separated from the group. Using the last of his stock of gas grenades, Eric frightened the animals into fleeing and quickly led Alan Grant away from the area and to his tanker hideaway. There, the two brought each other up to date on their current situations. In the morning after, Grant packed up what supplies he could and he and Eric abandoned the area, setting out in hopes of rendezvousing with Eric’s parents and Grant’s field assistant.