Euoplocephalus tutus (S/F)

Euoplocephalus in Jurassic World: Evolution

Euoplocephalus was a genus of the ankylosaurian family of dinosaurs. First discovered in Alberta, Canada in 1897 by Lawrence Morris Lamb, it was named Stereocephalus in 1902. However, that genus had already been given to a beetle, so in 1910 it was renamed as Euoplocephalus. The animal was around five and a half meters long and weighed in at 2 and a half tonnes. This dinosaur is one of the biggest ankylosaurian genus that we have discovered.

We now know that InGen had been working on the DNA of Euoplocephalus and had obtained 9% of the genome, before abandoning Isla Sorna in the 90s. The dinosaur was eventually completed and cloned by InGen after they were bought by Masrani Global. However, it is unknown if it was ever actually displayed in the Jurassic World theme park. Unfortunately, if the

A close up image of the Arcadia’s manifest

dinosaur was alive and present on Isla Nublar when the eruption of Mount. Sibo occured it is unlikely Euoplocephalus would have survived as it was not on the Arcadia’s manifest. Although not confirmed, this may mean the Euoplocephalus has once again become extinct. The dinosaur featured in Jurassic World: Evolution as a species unique to the “Claire’s Sanctuary” DLC.