Fort Peck Lake, Montana (S/F)

JP3 DigDr. Alan Grant‘s Montana Dig site that yielded additional Velociraptor antirrhopus specimens from the fossils. Dr. Grant was digging in this location in 2001 with his students and field assistant at the time, Billy Brennan.¬†Fort Peck Lake is a major reservoir lake present in Montana. The lake is located within the eastern prarie region of Montana about 140 miles east of Great Falls. It is formed by the Fort Peck Dam located on the Missouri River. Fort Peck is the nearest town and it’s named after Col. Campbell K. Peck, the partner of Elias H. Durfee in Leavenworth, Kansas. Most famous for the Durfee and Peck trading firm. The reservoir is bordered by the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.