Fanfics in a Post-Fallen Kingdom/Dominion World

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Fanfics in a Post-Fallen Kingdom/Dominion World

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I've been toying around with ideas for stories set either after Fallen Kingdom or Dominion, exploring the relationships between humans and prehistoric life (something that I feel Dominion should have done, but I digress). I have two ideas for stories in particular, one of which was inspired by a video from Klayton Fioriti where he brought up the idea that a medium carnivore (in this particular case, he suggested Cryolophosaurus) could make for an interesting antagonist in a Jurassic project, since almost all of the "big bads" of each movie have been large theropods.

I've been trying to find sources of information for the second in particular, namely in terms of information about exotic wildlife rescues/sanctuaries. I suppose I could use the old Google machine or YouTube, but I'd like to get the information straight from people who actually work in these types of places.

I would appreciate any feedback or ideas on this. :)
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