Frederick Bowman (S/F)

Darius and his Father

Frederick Bowman was the father of Darius and Brandon Bowman, and resided with them at their residence. He shared a close relationship with his youngest son Darius, and they had aspirations of visiting Jurassic World together in May of an unspecified year. Frederick encouraged his son’s love of dinosaur’s and Paleontology, giving him a present of matching Velociraptor teeth, and making him a promise that they would visit the park together no matter what.

Darius visits his Father

However, Frederick would later become sick with an unnamed illness and be confined to hospice care. He reassures his son not to give up hope despite the seemingly dire situation, encouraging him to press forward and pursue his dreams. Frederick Bowman passed away at an unspecified point before Darius would leave for Isla Nublar.