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Frozen Embryos

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InGen stored its embryos of the dinosaurs found on the Isla Nublar resort, frozen in the Embryonics, Administration, and Laboratories Compound.

The embryos were contained in cryogenically cooled tanks, the embryos needing constant cooling to stay viable for use at any given time. The area surrounding the cryogenic tanks was under 24/7 security camera surveillance, to avoid any kind of theft of the embryos. The only known time the area was not under surveillance was during the infamous Isla Nublar Incident, where Dennis Nedry had all the systems disabled in order to gain access to the embryos, attempting to steal them under the employ of Lewis Dodgson. Given that the the embryos needed constant cooling in order to stay viable, Lewis Dodgson provided Nedry with the Barbasol Cryo-can, disguised as a regular shaving cream can which was infact a compartmentalized unit with a cooling system to transport the embryos safely.

During the Isla Nublar Incident, the embryos contained in the Barbasol Cryo-can were lost in the mud at the bottom of the waterfall during Nedry’s demise to the Dilophosaurus. Later on during that evening, The can was discovered by Biosyn’s Miles Chadwick and  Nima Cruz, Lewis Dodgson’s back up plan. It stayed in the posession of Nima Cruz until it was stolen by Billy Yoder, while she was unconscious. During the twisted turn of events of the night, the Embryos contained within the Barbasol can were ultimately trampled by the Tyrannosaurus Rex during the Harding’s and Nima’s escape from Isla Nublar. The fate of the remainder Embryos within the  Embryonics, Administration, and Laboratories Compound is currently unknown but are believed to have been retrieved during the Deconstruction of Isla Nublar or possibly during the construction of Jurassic World.