Gallimimus Paddock – Isla Nublar (S/F)

BrownGalisIsla Nublar’s Gallimimus flock was contained here, and according to Dr. Alan Grant, who based his knowledge off of the map in the tour brochure, was roughly one mile from the Visitor’s Center. The terrain in the particular paddock held a considerable amount of open space, which was perfect for the Gallimimus‘ flighty nature. In 1993, following a Tyrannosaurus encounter, Dr. Grant was forced to lead young Lex and Tim Murphy back to the Visitor Center, and were required to pass through the Gallimimus paddock in their hike. While trekking through the paddock, the trio encountered a flock of stampeding Gallimimus, who abruptly turned their way, forcing them to run for cover RexTorsounder a rotting log on the edge of the jungle. While hiding, the Tyrannosaurus burst from the treeline and quickly took down one of the Gallimimus, which she began to devour while the rest of the flock watched from a cautious distance. The human trio stayed for a few moments more, but did not linger to watch as they hastily continued their trek, albeit in a direction away from the feeding Tyrannosaurus.