Gas Powered Jeep (C/N)

In order to deal with situations that required faster or off-road travel, two gas-powered Jeep vehicles were stored in the underground garage of Jurassic Park, along with the Toyota Land Cruisers. These were painted with a diagonal red stripe, which discouraged the Triceratops from charging at the Jeeps. As with the Land Cruisers, the make and model of these Jeeps is unknown.

On Isla Sorna, Lewis Dodgson’s team has a gas powered Jeep Wrangler, which was enlarged to be the size of a Land Rover Defender. Later, after Dodgson and his assistant, Howard King, were ejected from the Jeep when they struck a tree on a cliff, Doc Thorne found it and utilized it because his own electric Ford Explorer had shorted out. The model is never given.