Geothermal Power Plant – Isla Nublar (S/F-T/G)

300px-GeothermalThe plant itself was witnessed to be in subterranean cavern that a tunnel system lead to in the island’s north. The shut down sequence was not revealed to Dr. Laura Sorkin, but she was able to ascertain it in order to reset the park’s power systems in order to avoid an overload. Power from the Power Plant runs to the Maintenance Shed in the Main Compound where it is then distributed to the various park facilities via an underground network. Those that require an inordinate amount of power (ie. the Visitor’s Center and Tyrannosaur Paddock) are routed via the Circuit Breakers in the Shed first so if there is a problem, the staff don’t have far to go to deal with it. When Ray Arnold shut down the entire Jurassic Park System, at the behest of John Hammond, the Plant was not affected as he would have had to of gone there first in order to resume power to the Park.