Guadalajara (S/F)

Guadalajara is the capital city of Jalisco, a state in the western-pacific area of Mexico. It is home to more than 1.5 million people, making it the second-most populous municipality in Mexico, and it is also a major cultural center of Mexico, considered to be the original home of mariachi music and host to many large-scale cultural events such as film festivals and book fairs.

While moving down the river on Isla Sorna, Alan Grant and Paul, Amanda, and Eric Kirby heard the distinctive ringtone of Paul’s satellite phone, which now rested in a pile of droppings left behind by the Spinosaurus. After extracting it from the dung, they received a recorded telemarketing message asking them to take up an offer to vacation in Guadalajara, which they paid no attention to as a Ceratosaurus approached to investigate the droppings.