Hawkes (S/F)

Hawkes arrives on the Island

Hawkes was a mercenary sent by Eli Mills to retrieve the Indominus Rex sample in 2016. He was assigned to guard Dr. Henry Wu as he traveled to Isla Nublar personally to oversee the mission. As Dr. Wu made his way to his secret lab in the Maintenance tunnels, he would be assigned to assist in ridding the blocked entrance of debris from the storm. Afterwards, he would go with Reed as a bodyguard as they entered the lab.

Hawkes and Wu explor the lab

Exploring the lab, the trio would not find much of interest, as Hawkes convinces Wu to check the other labs. Mr. Hawkes however, manages to capture Brooklynn as she tries to escape the tunnels. The group then determine that there were survivors still on the Island.  Mr. Hawkes brings Brooklynn to the other mercenaries, as they keep her under guard and pursue the other campers. Hawkes pursues the children, using night vision googles to be able to ascertain their location, calling out to them to surrender the laptop.

Hawkes prepares for an attack

Hawkes threatens the children that if they do not meet them at the rendezvous point, they will never see Brooklynn again. Hawkes threatens Brooklynn with harm if her friends don’t surrender the laptop. Just then, the group hears a dinosaur growl and stands to attention. A pair of Monolophosaurs run into the secret laboratory, and proceed to attack the mercenaries. Brooklynn takes the moment to run, causing the Monolophosaurs to chase after her as she closes the door thinking that she has escaped, only to bump into Hawkes, who escaped via the vent in the lab along with Dr. Wu.

Hawkes forces Brooklynn to march along with the group, and as they march, they come across a raging river. They decide to cross the river via a fallen log. They attempt to cautiously cross the stream, although a mercenary falls and slips down the raging river, and Hawkes refuses to go after him, leaving him to drown. Shortly afterwards, Hawkes scares off a Parasaurolphus that the group encounters.

As they reach the rendezvous point, Kenji runs out of the jungle with the laptop, offering the mercenaries the laptop. Ben decides to initiate the distraction just as Dr. Wu attempts to take the laptop from Kenji, but is made to do a hostage exchange first.

Hawkes demands the Laptop

Just as Hawkes is informing Wu to inspect the laptop, Ben comes in with a herd of Ankylosaurs while riding Bumpy as a distraction. Hawkes brushes Kenji off as he tries to take Brooklynn, as the mercenaries try to force her on the chopper. The herd prevents Wu and the others from getting to the chopper. Hawkes pursues the campers through the herd, demanding the laptop from Sammy and Brooklynn. Sammy throws the laptop, and it is trampled by the herd.

Wu tells Hawkes to stop pursuing the kids

Dr. Wu escapes the Island with Hawkes after being informed that the mission to retrieve the Indominus sample was a success. However, Hawkes pursues the children in the helicopter, but is dissuaded at the last moment from attacking the children by Dr. Wu, persuaded to merely fly off instead.