Poacher Camp (S/F)

The Hunter Camp

The Poacher Camp was set up shortly after Mitch, Tiff and Hap‘s arrival on Isla Nublar, as part of their poaching operation. The camp was set to be the base of operations for the trio on the island, and was centered inside of a medium-sized clearing. The clearing contained Four Yurts, a large dining table, and a campfire around which were arrayed three chairs. The perimeter of the camp marked by lanterns.

One of the Bedroom units

Of these four yurts, two were bedroom units, with one being occupied by Mitch and Tiff, and the other was utilized by Hap. The bedroom Yurts contained a deluxe bed that was equipped with a mosquito net coverlet, as well as a desk to the other side of the bed. The third yurt was utilized as a bathroom, with a functional shower and toilet, as well as a sink equipped with amenities such as soap and toothbrushes.

Mitch threatens Darius in the Storage Yurt

The fourth yurt was where the poachers kept all their gear and supplies. This yurt contained a desk, and several crates that contained various supplies. The poachers also kept weapons such as machetes, crossbows, and rifles inside this yurt. Inside of this yurt was contained a decapitated Sinoceratops head, covered by a tarp.