Illusions of Control (Keeping the Animals Contained) (S/F)

As noticed by both Dr. Ian Malcolm and Dr. Ellie Sattler, one of the primary problems that led to the downfall of Jurassic Park was InGen’s almost over-confident judgement over how effective their control over the park’s dinosaur specimens was. Although the park was equipped with highly advanced security systems, the management’s attitude towards the animals (with the likely exception of Robert Muldoon) was that of underestimation. Dr. Malcolm in particular (although both Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler acknowledged the congenital problems associated with the Jurassic Park project) was well aware that reintroducing long-extinct animals to the modern world, no matter how secluded from civilisation or natural ecosystems, was inherently dangerous and doomed to fail, due to his belief in chaos theory. While the park’s first visitors were initially overwhelmed by its sheer ‘power,’ the delicate balance between paradise and chaos was soon toppled by Dennis Nedry’s sabotage of the park’s computer systems, and catastrophic events soon unfolded, putting the humans on Isla Nublar very much at nature’s mercy, as opposed to the illusions of control and normality that had been ‘created’ by InGen before the disaster.