Indoraptor Prototype (S/F)

Indoraptor prototype (2018)

The Indoraptor prototype was a male specimen of artificial hybrid dinosaur produced by Henry Wu sometime between mid-2016 and 2018. He is notable for being the first member of a genetically-engineered hybrid genus that was not created by International Genetic Technologies, Inc., as Wu no longer worked for that company after 2015. This specimen was considered the next step in the military bioengineering project that began with the Indominus rex in 2012.

Like the Indominus, this species was conceptualized as a specialized military animal by Vic Hoskins, Henry Wu, and Eli Mills. However, by the time it was created, Hoskins had died and Wu was wanted for bioethical misconduct; all his Indominus DNA samples had been seized by the U.S. government and he was in hiding. Because of this, Mills helped him obtain a new sample in the form of a rib bone, and the Indoraptor prototype was created illegally in secret. It was considered a failure due to its lack of empathy, but Wu and Mills had planned to engineer more functional animals using a proper maternal figure. The prototype briefly escaped containment and caused a large number of fatalities on the night of June 24, 2018 before dying of massive internal trauma after a fight with the next generation’s intended mother figure.


There is no evidence that Henry Wu gave this creation a name. He, and his benefactor Eli Mills, merely referred to the creature as “the prototype.”


After the incident of 2015 permanently closed Jurassic World, Henry Wu was found guilty of bioethical misconduct regarding the creation of the Indominus rex. He had previously planned with Head of InGen Security Vic Hoskins to refine the Indominus into a more battle-ready but obedient creature by increasing the proportion of Velociraptor DNA in its genome. This was accomplished in 2016 after the retrieval of an Indominus rib, since the United States federal government had raided Wu’s laboratory facilities and seized his genetic samples. Had Wu’s plans been fully successful, data from Experiment E750 (his first-ever animal hybridization) would have been used to construct the Indoraptor genome, but the laptop containing that data was lost.

The Indoraptor was genetically engineered by Wu, who followed the plan he and Hoskins had made despite Hoskins’s death. Eli Mills of the Lockwood Foundation continued to fund the project despite it becoming illegal and therefore increasingly expensive. In addition to increased Velociraptor DNA, the Indoraptor was enhanced with select genes from various modern animals.

It is not currently known at what date the prototype hatched, sometime between June 2016 and June 2018. Most likely, the animal incubated in an artificial egg, tended to by Wu and his lab staff in the Lockwood estate‘s sub-basement laboratory. He hatched there and was kept in a cage, where he was studied by Wu and the other scientists.

Life in isolation

The prototype spent almost his entire life indoors, and had no companions. He developed a resentment toward the scientists who kept him locked up; his cage was small, poorly lit, and lacked any real form of stimulation. The light bulb irritated him, and he frequently broke it, but it was always replaced. He would sometimes try to attack the scientists, who increased security around his cage and thereby reduced his contact with others even further.

He grew resistant to tranquilizers as he got older, but learned to fake unconsciousness in order to lure in victims. Two tranquilizer darts may have downed him when he was younger, but once he reached his full size, at least three would be necessary. Once, when he broke the light bulb in his cage, he pretended to be unconscious when hit with two darts. The technician who entered to replace the bulb was killed; the prototype kept the technician’s skull to play with. From then on, Wu and his staff knew to use three darts at a minimum.

His purpose was to follow orders and kill on command. To accomplish this, he was trained to hone in on a target identified by a laser sight attached to a modified gun. An acoustic signal acted as the attack command, and when it sounded, he would move in to kill the target without mercy. Details of his training regimen are undisclosed at this time, but this training was so ingrained in him that it overpowered all his other urges.

The security guards assigned to his cage sometimes abused him for their own entertainment. Based on deleted scenes, observing their grins and laughter after causing him pain was how he learned to smile. To the prototype, a smile was not a gesture of friendship, but a sign of relishing the harm he was about to cause another.

Eventually, Wu deemed him a failure because he did not display any signs of empathy or loyalty. He was kept alive, but was increasingly neglected by his creators.

The world grows larger

He knew no concept of day or night, but it was the morning of June 24, 2018 when he first met Maisie Lockwood. She strayed near his cage, facing away from him as he hid in the darkness. He had never seen a child before, and she intrigued him. He reached out to gently tousle her hair, and when she turned around in surprise he screeched at her, delighting in her fear. With the scientists used to his appearance, he had probably never heard someone truly scream like Maisie did.

Maisie fled away from the cage, leaving the prototype alone again. This time, though, more new faces would enter the lab before long. A few hours later, animals he had never seen or imagined before were loaded into the lab’s cages by the dozen, all of them stressed and in a foul mood. None were locked in especially close to him, but he could hear and smell them. One by one they were loaded into lifts and brought to parts of the manor he had never seen. Human voices sometimes joined the animal and mechanical sounds.

Finally, it was his turn. He was loaded into the lift, raised up beyond his subterranean home. When he surfaced, it was into another room, packed with unfamiliar humans. His guards used shock prods to torment him, and he lashed out, demonstrating his ferocity. Though he had no way of understanding what was happening, he was being displayed to black-market buyers at an auction, a surprise teaser revealed at the halfway point. He was not for sale, but was instead meant to promote the sale of the next generation of Indoraptors to paramilitary organizations around the world. The familiar laser sight settled on a businessman in the crowd, and the prototype locked in on him, but even the acoustic command could not allow him to break the bars of his cage and kill his target. His training demanded blood, but this time, failure was his only choice.

Even though he was not for sale, bidders began vying for him anyway. Had the auction been allowed to proceed, he would have been sold and gone to Russia alongside notorious mobster Anton Orlov, most likely to participate in a fight to the death with another theropod like Orlov had planned. But this did not come to pass: instead, another of the dinosaurs from the basement suddenly made an appearance, attacking humans in the crowd as it made a bid for freedom.

The prototype had never seen another dinosaur species directly before, and he watched in fascination and delight as the creature rammed and tossed people throughout the auction hall. His cage was moved toward the freight dock to be loaded onto a truck, but this was stopped by a human who was also fighting the guards in the crowd, a man named Owen Grady. The Indoraptor had only ever seen humans cooperating before, and just like the dinosaur attack, this new form of violence filled him with fascination. He locked eyes with Grady for a moment before Grady left the area.

Before long, most of the humans had fled the room, as had the dinosaur. The prototype, forgotten for the moment, paced his cage in frustration, having witnessed much entertaining violence but having been denied the chance to participate. Another new face entered the room, this time a man named Ken Wheatley. The prototype made efforts to get through the bars of his cage to attack, but was still trapped inside.

Wheatley shot the prototype with two tranquilizer darts, which the prototype knew was not enough to knock him out. But, being tranquilized only ever meant one thing: a human needed to enter his cage. This was not the first time a human had mistakenly used too few darts to down him, and like before, he feigned unconsciousness. Just as he predicted, Wheatley believed the Indoraptor was truly unconscious and entered the cage. The man tried to pry one of the prototype’s teeth from his skull, but could not get one out. For fun, the Indoraptor toyed with him for a few moments before revealing that he was awake and biting off the hunter’s right arm just above the elbow. He swallowed the arm whole, then roared in his victim’s face just to frighten him before tearing off and eating chunks of Wheatley’s body until he died.


When Wheatley entered the cage, he had not locked it behind himself as he intended to leave after extracting an Indoraptor tooth. This let the prototype free, and he began to investigate the abandoned room. A human scream got his attention and he turned to the elevator from which the other dinosaur had come, spotting people inside. He charged it, but the doors closed a moment before he could reach them. Frustrated, he turned to leave, and in the process his muscular tail slapped the control panel and damaged the electronics. The elevator’s safety system automatically opened the doors, allowing the Indoraptor inside. He roared at his victims, again for the simple satisfaction of terrifying them, and then killed all four people inside.

He continued on exploring his new world, which grew bigger with each doorway he passed through. Never before had he been given this much freedom to roam. Before long he entered the building’s service corridors, spotting more humans inside. Two were armed, so he killed them first, dashing out from an intersection and tackling both simultaneously. As he killed them, the other four fled in two different directions and he lost track of them. He continued to explore, learning how to open doors and finding a room full of animal skeletons and models, all from creatures new to him. Here he found another armed guard and killed him, dragging him behind a fossil display and eating him. While he was eating, he became aware that there were other people in the room. They were hiding, but his acute senses could pick them up even with the fierce weather outside. These humans included Owen Grady and Maisie Lockwood, who he had seen before, as well as Claire Dearing, who was new to him. He spotted them and gave chase, but they escaped up a narrow spiral staircase that he had difficulty navigating. By the time he reached the top, they had hidden again, and he employed his excellent sense of smell to find them.

Eventually he determined that they were no longer on the upper floor, and he descended down again. The lights in the display cases had been shut off, but he could see perfectly well even in the dimness of the room at night. Soon he located the humans, with the lights turning on just as he closed in on them. He heard Maisie’s scream once again and returned with a screech of his own, then shattered the glass to attack. Debris from the collapsed display hindered his movements, but he was able to wound Dearing using the curved claw on his left hand, stabbing her just above the right knee. Maisie escaped, fleeing upstairs, and the prototype chased after her when he heard her scream.

He pursued her through the hallways, but she escaped using a dumbwaiter. For the moment, he had lost his prey. Seconds later, a light coming in through a window caught his attention: the beam from the Lockwood lighthouse. For the first time in his life, he looked outside and became aware of the world beyond the manor’s walls.

Exiting outside, he clambered up to the highest point of the roof, surveying the world around him, and screamed at the moon above. Still dedicated to tracking Maisie, he made his way down the opposite slope of the roof and found the entrance to a room. He could hear Maisie inside, though he could probably not smell her at that point, and opened the door from the balcony. Maisie was hiding in her bed, and the prototype approached slowly and deliberately, savoring the fear he caused. He got close enough to reach for her, but as he was about to strike, he was discovered by Grady and shot in the right flank. The bullets failed to pierce his hide, and he was only winded. Now he advanced on Grady, backing him into a wall, but his effort was once again thwarted when a new dinosaur appeared. This animal, a Velociraptor called Blue, was more like him than any other creature he had seen yet, but she felt no kinship to him. She launched into battle immediately to defend Grady.

The prototype and Blue fought savagely, but the prototype was distracted by Maisie. His attempts to reach her during the fight inhibited him and prevented him from attacking Blue with his full strength. Eventually the humans made their escape, moving across the outer wall of the building; as he fought Blue he still tried to keep track of them, and was shoved out a window. He was briefly winded by his fall, but survived; from here he chased his quarry with renewed vigor as they took shelter on the glass sun roof of the display room. The glass would not support his weight, but the metal supports could withstand the strain. He carefully made his way toward his prey, who were now trapped at the edge of the roof.

Before he could reach them, he was distracted by a clanging sound. Dearing, having made her way up to the roof, had armed herself with the modified gun he had been taught to obey. The laser sight was directed at Grady; the prototype had no issue with resuming his efforts to kill the man, pouncing at him. But Grady and Dearing had silently crafted a hasty strategy, and Grady dove underneath the Indoraptor‘s pounce; the prototype tried to correct this in midair, landing partially on the glass. The force of his pounce damaged the metal supports of the sun roof and shattered the glass, but he managed to clamber back up again, preparing a final attack.

Before he could do so, he heard a shriek from Blue, who suddenly attacked from the side. Their combined weight broke through the sun roof. The Indoraptor continued to try and pummel his foe as they fell, but as he twisted around, he lined his body up with a fossil display underneath. His resilient hide was at long last punctured by the fossil’s horns. The right horn went through his heart and lungs while the left horn went through his hips. He died almost instantly of this trauma.

It is not known what became of his body after the incident. He left no surviving descendants, and despite being the first Indoraptor ever created, the genus bloodline appears to have died with him. Wu’s only remaining pure Indominus DNA sample was destroyed that same night, meaning that the only remaining traces of this entire hybrid bloodline are at the bottom of the Jurassic World Lagoon, with the Indoraptor prototype’s remains at an unknown location, and with the laboratory assets confiscated by the United States government.

Combat and tracking

The entire chimerid lineage was designed with combat in mind, and the Indoraptor prototype was the next step forward in this line of military bioengineering. The prototype demonstrated strong combat skills owing to his intelligence, cunning, and ruthlessness, as well as his specific biological attributes. An adaptable fighter, he used strategy to overcome his foes. He was known to feign helplessness to lure enemies within striking range, as well as attack targets by simple ambush. In a stunning display of intelligence, he attacked armed targets first, recognizing them as the more threatening of his foes. In addition to his cleverness allowing him to devise strategies to track down and kill his targets, he also had physiological traits that benefited him in combat. Along with his strong muscles, sharp claws, and mouth full of pointed teeth, he had fine-tuned senses of sight, smell, and hearing. His ears were designed to allow him to echolocate, listening to the returning sound waves bouncing off objects in his environment to determine where things were. A determined hunter, he would continue to try and track prey after losing sight of them using his other senses.

He was trained to kill on command, selecting a target identified by a laser sight and then launching in to attack at the sound of a high-pitched acoustic signal. This command was drilled into him, overpowering even the strongest bloodlust for other targets. When not acting under command, his hunting and fighting style was chaotic and thus unpredictable: he had no specific goal during his escape other than to cause as much carnage as possible. His ability to fight was eventually hindered by his obsession with Maisie Lockwood, as he continued to try and grab her while simultaneously fighting another foe.


Having only inhabited a cage in the Lockwood estate’s sub-basement for most of his life, he was quick to adjust to a rapidly growing world when he was accidentally released on June 24, 2018. He learned to navigate the unfamiliar environment using his acute senses, finding his way through all manner of artificial structures. At some point he learned how to operate a flat door handle, a puzzle which, among de-extinct animals and their hybrid descendants, had only been solved by Velociraptor before this. Flat door handles had previously stumped more primitive members of his lineage, specifically E750.

His problem-solving skills also aided him in combat, as he was able to analyze his environment quickly and react to unexpected changes.

Social skills

Like all of his predecessors, the prototype Indoraptor had exceedingly poor social skills and was not known to have even a single positive relationship. He was probably mistreated and abused by his creators, which may have led to his lack of emotional intelligence and empathy. This lack of empathy led to his creator Henry Wu declaring him a failure, which led to even further neglect and abuse. He often attacked his handlers, sometimes fatally. After his escape in 2018, his only goal was to kill as much as possible.

He encountered other dinosaurs on the night of his escape, but the closest he came to a positive relationship was with the escaped Stygimoloch, which had become aggressive and attacked people at the auction. The prototype watched the chaos with rapt attention, seemingly enthralled and admiring of the havoc caused by the dinosaur. Later he encountered the raptor Blue, who he fought, but during this fight he was more concerned with grabbing Maisie Lockwood. It has been suggested that he only saw Blue as an enemy because she attacked him, and during the fight, he behaved more like he simply wanted to shake her off so he could pursue his real target.


For most of his life, the prototype Indoraptor knew only himself and his handlers. He became an unempathic and brooding creature. Not much is known about precisely how he perceived himself, but he clearly demonstrated confidence and an understanding of his role as a predator. He was successfully trained to obey commands given by a combination of visual and acoustic signals, demonstrating that while he had a fearsome independent streak, he could be made to understand what others wanted him to do. The urge to follow orders given by this device was overpowering, suggesting that obedience was drilled into his psyche forcefully.

Perception of the world

Until June 24, 2018, the Indoraptor had only ever seen the interior of the Lockwood estate‘s sub-basement laboratory, where he hatched and was imprisoned. He would have seen staff come and go, but had no knowledge of where they came from and went. As far as he knew, the lab interior was the entire world.

During the auction in 2018, he was brought out of the basement for probably the first time in his life. His world grew from one room to two, opening up the possibility that even more rooms existed. He had the chance to venture forth into them after he was accidentally released, but was more concerned with seeking out new victims to kill than exploring his new environment.

The beam from the Lockwood lighthouse first alerted him to a far greater revelation: there was a world beyond the manor’s walls, too. He exited to the roof, encountering moonlight and wind and rain for the first and only time. Despite this stunning and expansive new world, he remained fixated on hunting and killing his victims inside the manor. This implies that while he understood that the world went on outside, he saw no purpose to it if his victims were not out there. The prototype does not appear to have derived any joy from exploring and investigating his world, seeing it only as the stage on which he slaughtered other creatures and vented his anger.

Perception of other creatures

Most of the prototype’s encounters with other living things would have been with humans, since he was bred in captivity and lived most of his life in a cage. His poor treatment led to him developing an intense hatred of humans; he is the only dinosaur that could be truly described as misanthropic. During his escape, he took every opportunity to kill humans that he found, the sole exception being Maisie Lockwood, the only child he ever met. Rather than kill her immediately, the prototype found a cruel kind of joy instilling terror into the young girl. He intentionally frightened his other victims, too, but quickly ended their lives rather than drawing it out as he did with Maisie.

He encountered two other dinosaur species in his life: Stygimoloch and Velociraptor, both during the night of the auction. Wu and his staff were incubating eggs of unknown species in the laboratory as of 2018, but none appear to have hatched yet. Thus, these two dinosaurs were the Indoraptor‘s first confirmed encounter with non-human species. Both were violent; the Stygimoloch was let loose to disrupt the auction as it attacked members of the audience in a wild panic, and the prototype took vindictive pleasure in watching the chaos unfold. He already viewed humans as inherently the enemy, and so seeing another dinosaur attack them must have surely been validating.

In the display room, he encountered various animal fossils as well as dioramas featuring extinct creatures, but may not have recognized these as representing formerly living animals, since he had never seen any of them alive.

The second living dinosaur he encountered was the Velociraptor Blue, a highly empathic creature with strong family ties, essentially the prototype’s opposite. Blue attacked him because he was threatening her father figure, and while the Indoraptor did defend himself, he remained focused on attacking Maisie Lockwood and Owen Grady. It has been suggested that he did not view Blue as a true enemy, only as a hindrance to his goal and his real targets. If this was the case, his inability to understand her motives directly contributed to his death, as she persisted in attacking him until their fight caused him to sustain fatal injuries.

Henry Wu and lab staff

The Indoraptor was created by Henry Wu, an evolutionary geneticist who had previously accomplished de-extinction and had studied hybridization via genetic engineering for over twenty years. This prototype was the next step forward in the militarization of his accomplishments; this was not his original intention, but science is at its best-funded when it produces weapons, and so Wu took this route in order to continue his work. The Indoraptor prototype was hatched at the Lockwood estate and tended to bu Wu and his scientists, who included top geneticists from around the world. Other technicians ensured that the facilities remained in optimal shape.

Over time, the prototype developed a negative relationship with his caretakers. His future as a weaponized creature led to him being treated more like an object than an animal, which led to him turning aggressive. When Wu found the prototype lacked empathy, he blamed this on the animal’s lack of a proper maternal figure rather than his own treatment of the prototype. A feedback loop of aggressive behavior and mistreatment ensued where the more the prototype was abused, the more aggressive he became, leading to even more abuse. Essentially, Wu and his staff raised the Indoraptor like a monster, and so he became one.

He is known to have killed at least one technician during his time at the manor. By the time he was fully-grown, Wu had declared him a failure, though he intended to use the prototype’s genes as a component of the next generation. The prototype was kept alive as a research specimen, but was neglected by the time of the Lockwood Manor incident in 2018. Henry Wu still protested the sale of the prototype, not wanting his scientific research falling into the hands of his competitors, but his complaints were overridden. The prototype never saw his creator or handlers again, as he made a bid for freedom that night which ended in his death.

Eli Mills and security staff

Along with geneticist Henry Wu, one of the key figures in the creation of the Indoraptor was Eli Mills of the Lockwood Foundation. It was the money from this foundation, misappropriated by Mills, that allowed the Indoraptor to be prototyped in the first place.

Mills himself did not understand as well how the process of creating new life forms worked, but had a thorough understanding of what the Indoraptors would be used for. He, like Wu, considered the prototype a failure; the creature’s lack of loyalty made him useless as a military animal. This did not mean he was without value: during the auction on June 24, 2018, the Indoraptor was showcased to encourage buyers to become interested in purchasing the next generation’s more loyal creatures. During this operation, numerous security guards hired by Mills provoked the Indoraptor to demonstrate both its ferocity and the strength of its training. It is likely that at least one guard had worked with the prototype before, since it had been trained to respond to commands from a modified gun which the guards used. Bidders vied to buy the prototype despite it being made clear that the animal was not for sale; Mills allowed this, planning on using the money from the auction to fund the creation of more Indoraptors.

After the auction was disrupted, Mills’s head of security Ken Wheatley investigated the abandoned auction hall and found the Indoraptor. Not recognizing the creature but admiring its sleek design and ferocious behavior, Wheatley determined that he would provide him with a worthy trophy and shot him with two tranquilizer darts in order to extract a tooth. The Indoraptor needed at least three darts to go down, but knew that this human was unfamiliar with his limits and could be fooled. He feigned unconsciousness, knowing that humans only tranquilized him when they needed to enter his cage. His prediction was correct, and he was able to surprise and kill Wheatley.

During his rampage in the manor, he attacked two security guards in a maintenance corridor, ignoring Eli Mills and the other humans for the moment since they were unarmed. This was the last he saw of Mills, but he did kill at least one other security guard, one named Dan, and ate him. Of the eight confirmed casualties during his escape, half of them consisted of security personnel, with the other four being auction attendees.

Auction guests

The first humans the Indoraptor encountered from outside the manor were the auction guests, as well as auctioneer Gunnar Eversoll. He was intended as only a display piece, meant to whet the appetites of the bidders so that they would buy the next generation of his species. However, his ferocious behavior and specialized training was so tempting that Russian mobster Anton Orlov began bidding on him at US $20,000,000 anyway; others soon joined in. The prototype’s bidders included people from all around the world, most of them proxies for other, wealthier buyers. He was ultimately won by Orlov, who probably intended to use him in the theropod cage match he had planned. Other auctioneers may have wanted to use him as an advanced “guard dog” or attack animal, or possibly for the unique biopharmaceutical properties his hybrid genome gifted him.

After his escape, the prototype attacked Eversoll and three guests in the garage’s elevator, delighting in the slaughter. With four kills on auction attendees including Eversoll, these people constituted half of his victims during that night, the other four being security staff.

Maisie Lockwood

Before meeting Maisie Lockwood on June 24, the Indoraptor had certainly never encountered a child in his cage in the basement. Fascinated and recognizing an opportunity to entertain himself, he intentionally frightened her and delighted at her screams. She was taken away from him, but it was not the last time they would see each other.

He briefly passed her while attacking guards in the Lockwood estate’s service corridors, but may not have seen her immediately as he was preoccupied. However, the next time they crossed paths, he chased after Maisie and her new guardians, tracking them through the manor’s display room and intentionally scaring her again. He pursued her to her bedroom, crossing the roof to get there and entering through the balcony door. Though he could have killed her, he instead chose to frighten her once more. This time she did not scream as he reached for her, remaining in silent terror. His effort was halted by Owen Grady and Blue, both of whom attacked him and hindered his attempts to grab Maisie. He continued to try and reach her during the ensuing fight, which ended on the sun roof when Blue ambushed him and he fell to his death. Maisie’s presence and the prototype’s obsession with her was a key factor in keeping him distracted enough from Blue that he could not fight with his full strength.

Owen Grady

During the disruption of the auction at Lockwood Manor, the prototype witnessed what was probably the first human-on-human violence he had ever seen. A man called Owen Grady entered and assaulted several guards in an effort to stop the Indoraptor‘s cage from leaving the auction hall, an effort in which he succeeded. The prototype locked eyes with him for a moment before Grady left, having reveled in the chaos caused when the auction was disrupted. They briefly encountered each other again when the prototype attacked armed guards in the service corridors.

Their second-to-last encounter was in the display room, where the prototype pursued Grady and his companions through the fossil collection and dioramas. He briefly lost his quarry when they hid from sight, but he used his other senses to continue tracking them and eventually found them in one of the displays. He attacked again, but then chased off after Maisie Lockwood. Eventually Grady caught up with him, leading to their final encounter, which Grady’s raptor Blue joined. Fighting the both of them, the prototype eventually had a showdown with the humans on the sun roof of the display room; he was commanded to attack Grady, who anticipated the prototype’s pounce and dodged him. The sun roof was damaged, but the prototype managed to climb back up. He prepared to pounce on Grady a final time. This time, Blue rejoined the fight and dragged him down into the display room and to his death, sparing Grady and the others.


The prototype’s relationship with Blue the Velociraptor was a short and violent one, with the two creatures never really getting an introduction of any sort. They suddenly encountered one another while the prototype was attacking Owen Grady, who is Blue’s father figure, and Maisie Lockwood. Blue immediately got the prototype’s attention away from Grady and on herself before leaping into battle without hesitation. Blue fought viciously, but the Indoraptor only defended himself, focusing so much on trying to grab Maisie that he could not fight off Blue as well. Once the humans were out of sight, he focused a little more on Blue, but was ultimately shoved out a window. Blue was out of the fight for a short time, but found her way back and once again found the Indoraptor preparing to attack Grady; like before, she got his attention to distract him from Grady and then immediately pounced on him. Their combined weight broke through the sun roof, and though they fought in midair for a second, the Indoraptor landed on a fossil display and was killed, leaving Blue the victor.

Had things gone as Wu and Mills had planned, the relationship between these two dinosaurs would have been quite different. The plan was for Blue to be not only a gene donor, but a surrogate mother for the next generation of Indoraptors. Her DNA and the prototype’s would be mixed to create a better version of this hybrid animal. However, it is highly unlikely that the two gene donors would be allowed to mate, or even interact; only using laboratory techniques could the hybridization be viable, and the prototype’s violent behavior would have made interaction dangerous for Blue.

Other animals

For the most part, the Indoraptor lived in isolation save the humans that raised him. It was not until the night of June 24, 2018 that he encountered other non-human animals. Dozens of dinosaurs and other creatures were kept in cages within the Lockwood estate’s sub-basement laboratory where he had lived his entire life, but he did not have the chance to see them, only hear and smell them. The first other animal he saw directly was a Stygimoloch that attacked the auction attendees. Thus, the first human-dinosaur interactions he observed rather than participated in were violent, reaffirming his preexisting perception of humans as the enemy.

The only other dinosaur he ever encountered was the Velociraptor Blue, as discussed above.

Claire Dearing

The prototype had a brief, antagonistic relationship with animal rights activist Claire Dearing, whose commitment to animal welfare met its greatest challenge with the Indoraptor. He first encountered her after escaping captivity, briefly passing her in the maintenance corridors of the Lockwood estate while he was attacking other victims. He probably did not get a good look at her during that attack, but ran into her again elsewhere in the building. While attacking her, he wounded her right leg using his left hand’s large claw. She soon used the gun he was trained to obey in order to command him to pounce at Owen Grady in a plot to make the prototype to fall through the glass sun roof of the estate; although he recovered from this, he did not associate the near-death incident with Dearing and instead prepared to kill Grady again. The prototype did not have another chance to attack Dearing as he was ambushed by the raptor Blue and killed.

Genetic relatives

Indoraptor is the third genus in its lineage, with the first having been Scorpios rex: specifically, a specimen designated E750 for the experiment which produced it. The Indoraptor never encountered any of this species, but had Henry Wu’s research gone as planned, he would have utilized genomic data from Scorpios rex to create Indoraptor. Since E750 was deemed a failure, Wu’s goal was actually to avoid making his new creature too much like its ancestor.

The only surviving Indominus rex died at least six months before the first Indoraptor was created, but nonetheless was essential to his existence. A rib taken from the deceased Indominus was used to make the Indoraptor in a kind of twisted Adam-and-Eve genesis story, with the rib this time taken from a female creature and used to make a male creature rather than the other way around. In this sense, the Indominus can be seen as the prototype’s “mother,” with the genes of other animals added to its genome to result in the Indoraptor.


The Indoraptor was portrayed mostly using CGI, though some physical stand-ins were used as reference during filming. These included a prop of its head and a mechanical arm. He was not based on any creature from Michael Crichton‘s novels, but rather is an expansion on the theme of limitless genetic power that Crichton originally used for his original 1990 book.

While the Indoraptor prototype has obvious plot-based similarities to the Indominus, the parallels extend behind the scenes. Earlier scripts paint the Indoraptor in a more tragic light in the vein of Frankenstein’s monster, though the final version reduced it to simply a nightmarish animal. Like the Indominus, it was originally planned to have a sibling, which it would fight and kill at one point during the film. Some ways in which it was planned to be different involved its health. Since it was a prototype and created without the full resources of a major company behind it, this creature was originally designed to look sickly and malnourished, or even having serious skin conditions and harmful mutations. Some fans have suggested that Colin Trevorrow (who advised on but did not direct the film in which the Indoraptor appears) intended for the prototype to be mentally ill, though earlier scripts seem to feature more scenes that imply the prototype was mistreated and abused instead. This is once again similar to the Indominus, which was in some scripts supposed to be aggressive due to how it was treated; both creatures were revised to be merely cruel in the final films, with their more sympathetic and tragic backgrounds downplayed.