InGen Hunters (CB-Topps)

HunterPeter Ludlow hired a team of hunters in his expedition to attempt to extract dinosaurs from Isla Sorna. They traveled to the island along with Ludlow via Ingen Helicopters, which carried all of their gear. Leading the Hunters was Roland Tembo, with Ajay Sidhu as his second in command. The Hunters utilized ATV Jeeps, Humvees, and Capture Trucks to pursue the dinosaurs along the game trail.

After restraining the dinosaurs, they utilized snares to bring them down, and cattle prods to shock them into submission. They were all equipped with Tranquilizer rifles for bringing the larger animals down as well as hunting rifles.  There were a large number of hunters, at least twenty.

The hunters were scattered as the Tyrannosaurus pair attacked their camp. Since they were caught sleeping, they were too disorganized to do anything other then run. In panic, the Ingen Hunters ran straight into the long grass, which was the hunting grounds of the Velociraptors.  The raptors proceeded to kill almost all of the hunters in this fatal ambush.