InGen – International Genetic Technologies (CB-Topps)

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International Genetic Technologies was founded by John Hammond and was later taken control of by Peter Ludlow. InGen originally constructed their park in San Diego before John Hammond relocated to Isla Nublar. Research into cloning prehistoric animals was conducted on Isla Sorna, but evidence indicates that much of that research after it was refined relocated to Isla Nublar’s facilities as Nublar has more species than Sorna. InGen eventually experienced financial turmoil following the Isla Nublar Incident and the military taking control of the island. Eventually, Hammond becomes suspicious of the military’s intentions and sends a team back to Isla Nublar to uncover the truth. All that is known is that it was regarding the green flame, and no indication as to what the green flame was was given either. InGen also frequently got into skirmishes with BioSyn, who wanted to steal InGen’s knowledge about cloning dinosaurs for their own fate. By the time of the San Diego Incident, BioSyn had disappeared from the public eye and InGen was on the verge of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.