Ingram MAC-10 (T/C)

The MAC-10 (Military Armament Corporation Model 10, or M-10) is one of the fastest firing machine-pistols available in Trespasser, although it isn’t all that common. While having terrible accuracy and high muzzle-climb rate, the M-10 is highly useful when the player is confronted by multiple attackers at close range. Usually, the player can down both “Tribe A” and “Tribe B” Velociraptors in a short burst from the weapon, but some “Tribe C” raptors can take up to a full clip to die.

The in-game magazine holds forty-five rounds, although this is incorrect; in reality, the magazine, depending on the caliber, holds thirty rounds (.45 ACP, which is the caliber in-game) or thirty-two rounds (9mm).

The gun, originally designed by Gordon B. Ingram, was built predominantly from steel stampings. While it isn’t present in the game, the weapon features fold-out stock. In place of where this should be in the game is a flat piece, at the top of which is a small hole, used for aiming.

The gun also has a notched cocking handle, which protrudes from the top of the receiver. By turning the handle ninety degrees, the user can lock the bolt, rendering the gun unable to fire. The player is unable to do this in-game, however, and the piece is there merely for display.

Another feature of the gun that isn’t in the game is the optional suppressor, which the barrel is threaded to accept.

The gun comes in numerous lengths. Without the suppressor and stock, the length is 269 mm (10.7 in.). The barrel length is 146 mm (4.49 in.).