Isla Matanceros (S/F)

Matanceros2The second largest and oldest island in the Las Cincos Muertes island chain, Isla Matanceros (from the Spanish¬†matanza, “slaughter”) is shaped roughly like a bent rectangle, with “flat” north and south shores, a generally convex western shore, and a concave eastern one. The island has no tall, mountainous remains from any of its three ancient, extinct volcanoes. However, sheer cliffs and a few steep, isolated mountains are scattered across the northern and central areas of the island.

Appearances in other Media

Jurassic World: Evolution:

A herd of Parasaurolophus stroll through an Enclosure on Isla Matanceros.

In Jurassic World: Evolution, The Five Deaths were incorporated into the game as playable areas. The first trailer for the video game was set on Isla Matanceros in a alternate timeline, in which InGen operated a facility on the island. The game indicates that the entire Muertes archipelago will be usable and playable in a post Jurassic World type world and thus indicates an alternate timeline like the similar Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis game released in 2003.