Isla Nublar: Jurassic Park (CB-Topps)

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Isla Nublar was purchased by InGen from Costa Rica and was located 120 miles off the west coast of the country in the Pacific Ocean. Prior to the acquisition of the island by InGen, Isla Nublar was also known as “Cloud Island”, “Cretaceous County”, “DinoDisneyLand”, and “Mesozoic Metropolis”.


During construction, the Island was terraformed by bulldozers and cranes to carve out areas for buildings. Jeep Wranglers were the primary mode of transportation during this period. In addition, construction trailers housed the workmen. Prior to the construction of the park Donald Gennaro was invited to the island by John Hammond to a presentation and to be introduced to park’s first inhabitant, a Tyrannosaurus.  Many months later, Dennis Nedry is hired by John Hammond to develop the computer systems of Jurassic Park and transported in a 71-c helicopter to the island.

After an altercation with Hammond over finances, Nedry makes a call to a representative of BioSyn to work on his plans of wealth. Somewhere between the months of construction and the fateful on-site inspection Hurricane Bianca hits the island and causes the removal of Dilophosaurus eggs for an incident in Costa Rica.

Presumably after the incident on the mainland a Chinese investor, his daughter, and a pet ferret comes to the island for an inspection. The dinosaurs behave erratically and the situation is monitored and controlled by the park staff. The end result is the investor is pleased with the progress the park is making in its construction.  Shortly after this another incident happens at the park this time involving rats chewing on the power cables. The incident involved the Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus, which Robert Muldoon resolved with only the loss of life of scientist Murillo due to a fatal jeep crash and a Stegosaurus the Tyrannosaurus attacked.

Eventually, and many months later, after a fatal accident involving a workman with the Velociraptor a halt to construction of the island is issued by Gennaro and InGen’s investors for an on-site safety inspection for a group of scientists to endorse or denounce the park. Drs. Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm are invited to the island by Donald Gennaro. Hammond also invites his two grandchildren, Lex and Tim along as well. The inspection itself was interrupted by Dennis Nedry as he sabotaged the park’s security systems and stole viable embryos for Dodgson and BioSyn. As the Tyrannosaur escapes from the paddock, and Grant and the kids escape it’s rampage, Dr. Ian Malcolm becomes injured, and Donald Gennaro dies. Ray Arnold, the park’s operations manager, is tasked with powering the systems back online, but soon falls prey to Velociraptors, while Ellie Sattler powers the park back online.

The mainland is contacted and the survivors; Grant, Hammond, Lex, Tim, Ellie, and Malcolm, escape the island with their lives. Meanwhile, Abby and Derek, two researchers to the Jurassic Park project stumble upon sinister experiments after Abby swipes the briefcase of Dr. Gustavus, whom was making unsanctioned clones unknown to InGen and the rest of the scientists at Jurassic Park to suit his own mad scientist dreams of hyper-intelligent dinosaurs. Abby and Derek make the mistake of getting too close to Dr. Gustavus’s experiments of enhancing the intelligence of the dinosaurs and to speed up the evolution of the dinosaurs through artificial means. Unfortunately for Dr. Gustavus, his own creations are too smart for him and get the best of him in the end along with a crafty full-grown Dilophosaurus. Abby and Derek manage to escape in the aftermath of the situation.


Three days after the events of the catastrophic shut down of Isla Nublar the United States Army has claimed Isla Nublar for it’s own to clean it up. Alan and Ellie have been hired by the United States Army to work as advisors while Malcolm recovers in the hospital. Hammond has taken Lex and Tim back to his estate.  Alan and Ellie are eventually captured by a hunter known as George Lawala as well as some Velociraptors. Both of which are transported to the mainland. After the Raptors escape into the wild they are temporarily captured again by BioSyn agents who want to and begin construction of their own park by trapping the Raptors in the Colombian Rainforest. Eventually the Raptor family escapes confinement and disappear into the jungle never to be heard from again. During these events, Abby and Derek return to Isla Nublar to assist in the military clean-up of the island and to serve as consultants/experts. Things are going well after Abby and Derek catch two Army Pilots snapping pictures of dinosaurs, which is in violation of the agreement they had to sign. Unfortunately for Abby the camera gets planted into her belongings and they throw her off the island, Derek unfortunately cannot plead for Abby’s innocence. Abby discovers them in a mail bag after the two pilots responsible taunt her as they’re taking her off the island. Abby throws the mail bag and the helicopter lands, and the pilots attempt to kill Abby, but Abby reacts by beating them and escaping so she and Derek can prove her innocence. The race is on for Abby and Derek to find the mail bag that will prove her innocence as the two men caught taking the photos return to General West to tell him what happened. General West, disbelieving of the men, begins his own search for Abby and Derek, while the two would-be photographers begin their own private search. When Derek and Abby find the bag, it is discovered that General West still does not believe Abby and Abby is forced to leave the island until after General West calls a Mr. Kupla, part of the “Weekly World” news paper and verifies the claim Abby had made. Abby is then cleared and allowed to stay on as a consultant.

Many months later, when an army soldier is found by a group of Fisherman off the coast of Isla Nublar John Hammond recruits Ellie, Grant, Muldoon, and his aide Edgar to head to Isla Nublar to research claims of a mysterious Green Flame. Edgar and his team, consisting of Robert Muldoon, Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler, continue investigating Isla Nublar and come across two BioSyn members, Sonya Durant and Raul Lopez who share the same goals as Edgar’s team. After a Cearadactylus and army attack both teams suspicions have been confirmed about Isla Nublar and they agree to help each other. Edgar, Alan, Ellie, Muldoon, Sonya, and Raul make their way across Isla Nublar to find more answers about the mysterious green flame but soon discover they are being hunted by the Tyrannosaurus on the island. After wounding the Rex when it attacked Sonya they make their escape across a river. After Alan, Ellie, Muldoon, and Raul escape from the raft they are soon captured by the army. Eluding capture Sonya and Edgar hatch a plan to break into the top secret base established by the Mercenaries posing as members of the US Military to free Alan, Ellie, Muldoon, and Raul. They escape thanks to Edgar and Sonya’s efforts, but Raul is already dead, unfortunately. While the Rex and the military chases the group they become separated again and Edgar believes Sonya saw something in the Military Compound and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t tell him what the secret to the Green Flame is. She doesn’t know anything and Edgar kills her anyway believing her to not be telling the truth. The remaining members of the group, Alan, Muldoon, Ellie, and Edgar return to Hammond’s Submarine discovering the US Soldiers aren’t US Soldier and are in fact mercenaries pretending to be soldiers, but with no answers to what the Green Flame exactly is.

Eventually, enough time passes with no clear resolution to what the Green Flame was or what the military was up to, Peter Ludlow reveals that Muldoon dies and Isla Nublar is deconstructed and disposed of and InGen pays a hefty sum for it leading them to be on the verge of Chapter 11.


John Hammond utilized a variety of vehicles in order to get around the island. He greeted guests with at least two Electric Ford Explorers waiting at the helipad in order to transport guests to the Visitor’s Center.


Species List – Official

  1. Tyrannosaurus rex
  2. Triceratops horridus
  3. Velociraptor “antirrhopus”
  4. Brachiosaurus brancai
  5. Stegosaurus stenops (?)
  6. Apatosaurus excelsus
  7. Dilophosaurus “venenifer”
  8. Gallimimus bullatus
  9. Parasaurolophus walkeri
  10. Cearadactylus atrox
  11. Procompsognathus triassicus
  12. Corythosaurus casuarius
  13. Saurolophus osborni
  14. Archaeopteryx lithographica
  15. Elaphrosaurus bambergi
  16. Ouranosaurus nigeriensis
  17. Eoraptor lunensis (?)
  18. Lambeosaurus lambei (?)

Species List – Non-Official Dinosaurs

  1. Monolophosaurus jiangjunmiaoi (?)
  2. Pteranodon longiceps
  3. Avimimus portentosus
  4. Edmontosaurus regalis (?)
  5. Styracosaurus albertensis – Denoted as a Dog-sized Triceratops
  6. Leaellynasaura amicagraphica

Non Dinosaur Flora and Fauna

  1. Dragonflies, Meganeura (?)

Notable Locations

  1. Visitor’s Center – Pre-constructionary Phases
  2. Screening Room – Temporary (?)
  3. Genetics Lab – Temporary (?)
  4. Helipad- The helipad was where the majority of guests arrived at Jurassic Park. It was marked with a large circle with right angles marked on the sides of it.
  5. Control Room
  6. Triceratops Pen
  7. Tyrannosaurus Pen
  8. Velociraptor Pen
  9. Gallimimus Pen
  10. Brachiosaurus Pen 2/Closed Preserve
  11. Jurassic Park Main Gate-The Jurassic Park main gate was situated near the helipad, and apparently required manual operation to open. The main gate consists of a large stone archway with the legend ‘Jurassic Park’ marked on the center of this arch. There are large flames coming from torches on its facade as well. In addition, there is a large wooden double doors, that require manual operation to push.
  12. Brachiosaurus Pen/Open Preserve
  13. Visitors Center – Completed
  14. Visitors Center Presentation Room
  15. Visitors Center Hatchery
  16. Visitors Center Control Room
  17. Visitors Center VIP Dining
  18. Visitors Center Dining Room
  19. Road to the Dock- The road Dennis Nedry  took while attempting to steal embyros from Jurassic Park. He is misled by a fallen sign and crashes his Jeep. While attempting to regain his bearings, he is attacked and killed by a Dilophosaurus.
  20. Bathroom by Tyrannosaurus Paddock-A bathroom made out of extremely fragile material situated next to the T-rex paddock. Donald Gennaro ran into the bathroom to hide after the initial breakout. However this attempt was foiled when the Tyrannosaurus Rex broke into the bathroom and ate him.
  21. Maitenance Shed
  22. Gustavus’s Experimentation Shed/Bunker
  23. Isla Nublar “Staff Lodge”
  24. Eastern Side of the Island
    – Underground Caves
  25. River
  26. Military Compound/Base
  27. Nedry’s Beach-The beach where Dennis Nedry snuck away to while attempting to relax during one of his ‘breaks’ from work. However he was interrupted by a stampede of escaped Stegosaurs which nearly ran him over.
  28. Stegosaurus Pen
  29. Various Herbivore Pens


1. Road Signs- Isla Nublar had various road signs along its roads, indicating important information. For instance, the sign just inside of the park indicated that the electrified fences were dangerous to touch when armed.

2. Electric Fencing-The various pens in Jurassic Park were protected by a system of electric fencing which separated the animals from the guests.