Isla Tacaño (S/F)

TacanoIsla Tacaño (Spanish for tacaño, “stingy”) is curiously named; after translation, English speakers are left to assume that there is some deadly connotation for the word in Spanish, perhaps relating to avarice, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. The name is sometimes misspelled as “Tacano.”

Before being purchased by InGen, Isla Tacaño was arguably the most dangerous of all the islands in Las Cinco Muertes, as it is the only island in the archipelago with an active volcano on it. Its massive volcanic mountain dominates the entire island, save for a small peninsula on its southeastern shore. Fortunately, Isla Tacaño has not experienced a major eruption since before the arrival of the Spanish, and shows no signs of one in the near future. Minor eruptions, such as the one that formed Isla Pena a few hundred years ago, are common, though rarely on such a scale as the Isla Pena lava flow.