Jack "Doc" Thorne (C/N)

Jack Thorne, usually known as “Doc”, was the owner of Thorne Mobile Field Systems in Woodside. He was once a professor of applied engineering at Stanford University, known for his “Thorny Problems”, but quit when the field of academics began to change. He constructed the multiple vehicles Richard Levine ordered for the Isla Sorna expedition, and later took them to Sorna himself to rescue Levine. He located Levine in the Tyrannosaurus rex nest, and was able to rescue him from possible death, though Levine argued they were never in any danger. Later, Thorne rescued Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding from falling down a cliff in the trailers that a pair of Tyrannosaurus were destroying. He tried his jeep’s tow cable around a tree and then secured it to the trailers, keeping one from falling down the cliff. The other, however, was still suspended in mid-air. Thorne was able to help Harding haul Malcolm to safety. Thorne then rushed, with Levine in the passenger seat of the jeep, to save Arby Benton from Velociraptors. They were successful, but during the escape the Jeep ran out of gas. Looking for an escape, Thorne drove them to the Workers Village.

At the village, he went to look for gas for the Jeep. During this time, he was stalked by a pair of Carnotaurus. Their camouflage ability made it difficult for Thorne to see them, but he was saved by Harding and Levine who drove the animals off with flashlights. During the Raptor attack on the shack, Thorne and Levine attempted to hold off the raptors until help arrived. He later escaped the island on a boat.