John Hammond (CB-Topps)

CEO of InGen and the head of Jurassic Park. At one point, Hammond considered building Jurassic Park in Orlando before settling on Isla Nublar. He toured Donald Gennaro around Isla Nublar during the construction of the Park facilities in an attempt to sway him into his favour. Gennaro seemed unimpressed by everything he witnessed, despite witnessing the birth of the Park’s first dinosaur, a young Tyrannosaurus rex. Around this time, he hired Dennis Nedry as one of the Park’s technicians.

In 1993, he invited Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler to Isla Nublar to receive the opinion of dinosaur experts on his island; in turn, he funded their palaeontological dig for three years. He led the guests, also including Gennaro and mathematician Ian Malcolm, on a tour through the Visitor’s Center, and they were joined by Hammond’s grandchildren- Alexis “Lex” Murphy and Timothy “Tim” Murphy – before heading out into the Park.

Hammond stayed behind in the Visitor’s Center, but became trapped there when the systems were sabotaged by Nedry during his attempt to steal dinosaur embroys for BioSyn (a rival company of InGen), and in the aftermath as John “Ray” Arnold tried, and failed, to reboot the system. Eventually, Hammond, along with his fellow survivors, manage to escape the Park.

In the aftermath of the incident, Hammond was furious at BioSyn, having figured out that they were the ones behind Nedry’s betrayal. In turn, Hammond ordered some of his men to plant a bomb in a major BioSyn facility, and soon receives a phone call from an enraged Steingarten (head of BioSyn), although he casually shrugs off his opponent’s accusations. At the same time, he sends a group of helicopters out to the South American rainforest to find the missing Grant, Sattler, Ian Malcolm and Robert Muldoon.

Shortly afterwards, with reports of a wounded soldier likely having been washed up from Isla Nublar, Hammond hires Grant, Sattler, Muldoon and Edgar Prather to search the island and find out what the army are doing there and what the “Green Flame” mentioned by the injured man was.