JOLT Cola (S/F)

JOLT was created in 1985 as a refreshing alternative to coffee, a.k.a. The Espresso of Colas. JOLT really was the original “energized” beverage in both name and product. Included on every can and bottle was the memorable slogan “All the Sugar and Twice the Caffeine.”

JOLT revolutionized the beverage industry by introducing functional marketing. The notion of adding functional ingredients inspired the formation and launch of hundreds of New Age Beverages.  It was the first soft drink to sell at a premium price above Coke and Pepsi.  It was also the first soft drink to successfully diversify into non-beverage items such as Jolt Snowboards, Jolt Candies, Jolt Gum, Jolt Mints and more. Dennis Nedry had a can of JOLT in the Control Room of Jurassic Park not long before the Isla Nublar Incident.