June 1993 Tropical Storm (S/F)

The June 1993 Tropical cyclone was a storm that hit the island of Isla Nublar on June 11th. This occurred during the Isla Nublar Incident.

The Jurassic Park Staff wasstorm2 first notified of the tropical storm while the guided vehicular tour was starting. In a phone call from the National Weather Service game warden Robert Muldoon was told that the storm was 75 miles west of Isla Nublar. At that time it was not yet certain whether the storm would hit the island; previous storms had passed south of the island.

As the tour progressed, the staff kept a close eye on the storm, which was getting closer to the island. When the tour halted near a sick Triceratops thunder could be heard in the background, signaling that the storm was getting close. Meanwhile, the National Weather Service informed the Isla Nublar staff that the storm was still headed for Isla Nublar and had not dissipated. The cyclone now had a maximum sustained wind of 45 knots, making it a tropical storm. Not wanting to run any unnecessary risks, Ray Arnold advised Hammond to cut the tour short and continue the next day. The tour cars were sent back to the Visitor Center.

storm1While the cars were headed back for the Visitors’ Center, the storm struck the island. In addition to rain and heavy wind, the storm also brought with it giant waves that crashed into the breakwater and Isla Nublar shores.

Because the boat was not well-berthed, it was forced to depart as the storm struck the island.