Jurassic Park (1993)

Logo for the film, featured on the poster.

Jurassic Park (1993) is an American science-fiction/adventure film written by author Michael Crichton and David Koepp. The movie was directed by longtime-filmmaker Steven Spielberg, whose filmography includes E.T, the Extra-Terrestrial, Raiders of the Lost Ark and JAWS. The movie stars Sam Neil (The Hunt for Red October) with co-stars Laura Dern (Wild at Heart) and Jeff Goldblum (Independence Day), featuring child stars Joseph Mazzello (The Social Network) and Ariana Richards (Tremors) as supporting characters. The film’s iconic score was composed by Spielberg’s long time friend, John Williams. Animatronic dinosaur effects were created by Stan Winston Studios, and the digital full body shots of the animals were done by Dennis Muren and his team at Industrial Light and Magic.

The film was released in the United States on June 11th, 1993, and went on to become the highest grossing film of all time up until the release of James Cameron’s Titanic in 1997. At the box office it pulled in over $900,000,000 globally, and its 3D re-release in 2013 pushed it into the billion-dollar group. It took the world by storm, winning three Oscars at the Academy Awards in 1994 and receiving multiple other awards. It spawned four sequels, with a fifth planned for release in 2021, as well as toylines, video games, theme park rides, children’s books, among many others. Jurassic Park received mostly positive reviews from critics, with many praising its breakthrough advancement in the creation and visual authenticity of computer generated animals.


We begin the film with a brief set of opening titles and then the name “Jurassic Park” appearing at the end. From there we start to see some jungle foliage and hear loud noises that sound like animals and that foliage itself rustling. It is night at the present and we see the faces of workman with “Jurassic Park hard hats” on. As we slowly see their faces we come across Robert Muldoon standing, holding a SPAS-12 shotgun, next to more workers holding a mixture of cattle prods, shotguns, and assault rifles. The group looks very militarized. From there we can see what they are a waiting for, a forklift brings a cage containing an animal to be placed in the holding pen with a small title card stating we are on Isla Nublar, an island off 120 miles west of Costa Rica. Muldoon instructs the workman to help in pushing the animal cage into the pen to transfer the occupant. We get several indications that the occupant in the cage is a force to be reckoned with as it screeches loudly causing panic among the workers. Muldoon instructs the team of workman to push the cage into the opening of the Holding Pen. After they complete their task Muldoon instructs Jophery (the Gate keeper) to open the gate to allow the transfer of the Velociraptor in the cage to the holding pen. Jophery proceeds with the task up until the Raptor times it just about right to cause the cage to bounce away, knocking Jophery down to the side. The Raptor grabs Jophery by the leg and pulls him into the cage as he tries to hold on for dear life. Muldoon and his security detail scramble, cattle prods begin discharging as they were non-lethal in an attempt to shock the Raptor from letting go. In the end it was all for naught as Muldoon gives the order to shoot the Raptor, but it was too late as Jophery is already dead.

We cut to a man standing on a floating raft made of wood. It is Donald Gennaro, a lawyer working closely with the Jurassic Park staff, investors, and those collecting amber from various mines globally. He is greeted by the person in charge of the amber mine at Mano de Dios in the Dominican Republic, Juanito Rostango. Rostango greets Gennaro warmly and they begin talking about the accident at the park involving Jophery and his death. Gennaro wants to meet with Hammond, the owner of the park, but Rostango advises he has a family issue he must attend to. Gennaro mentions the investors and underwriters have raised serious safety questions about the park and are pushing for an inspection. Rostango responds that an inspection would slow everything down, including their operation here at the mine. Gennaro responds that he wants to slow everything down until the park can be inspected and the safety of staff and visitors alike would be guaranteed. The conversation between Gennaro and Rostango is interrupted by a worker coming up and telling Rostango they made a finding. From there Rostango and Gennaro both enter the mine, the topic shifts to who Gennaro is trying to get to come to the island, he says Ian Malcolm and then says the investors want Alan Grant. Rostango mentions that they won’t get him out of a Montana.

Snakewater, Montana is where Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler are conducting a paleontological dig. Grant is shown brushing off a claw of a Velociraptor. Something he later pockets as a volunteer calls for Grant and Sattler both to let them know the rest of the team were going to attempt to try again with the ground penetrating radar. We switch to a modified lawn mower nicknamed a thumper that fires a sensor shell into the ground. It does this while making a loud thumping noise. We move to Jerry the Dig Site computer operator discussing how the program is incredible and with further development they probably wouldn’t need to dig anymore. Grant asks him what the fun is in that and soon Jerry pulls up an image of a skeleton of a Velociraptor, impressed Grant touches the monitor only for the screen to become more distorted. Grant waxes on the idea of birds being descended from dinosaurs, causing laughter among the volunteer. Grant states his case shortly before a child calls the Raptor a “Six foot Turkey” to which Grant, briefly makes the kid envision he was in the wild with a hunting group of Raptors. Grant traumatizes the child with using the killing claw he picked up and mentions he should show a little respect. It’s through this that is revealed that Grant doesn’t like kids as him and Sattler begin walking away from the tent. As they walk away Ellie and Alan share a joking moment with each other, but it is interrupted by the untimely arrival of a helicopter. Grant and Sattler attempt to get the fossils covered up and as Grant approaches the chopper to try to get the pilot to cut the rotors to stop kicking up the dust and damage the fossils in the ground he is directed to his mobile lab camper. Grant quickly demands to know what is going on and he is surprised when the elderly reveals himself as John Hammond. Grant remembers that Hammond had provided funding for his digs in the past. Sattler barges through the door, demanding to know who the jerk was that was responsible, something with Grant quickly calms her down and points out that their unexpected visitor was John Hammond. Ellie’s mood shifts to something more jovial and friendly while Hammond shoos her away from the kitchen and affirms he knows what he’s doing. She and Alan end up sitting across a table from Hammond as he moves to begin his proposition about owning an island off the coast of Costa Rica and setting up a biological preserve. He offers to finance Grant’s digs for a further three years and refuses to take no for an answer with having them accompany him. Grant and Sattler both eventually agree to go to Isla Nublar.

In San Jose, Costa Rica, a mysterious man in a red shirt and sunglasses gets out of a taxi. As he does he leaves the door open forcing the driver to get out and shut the door while flipping him an obscenity. The man walks into an outdoor cafe where a man begins shouting “Dodgson!” to call to his attention. Dodgson, the man in the red shirt, quickly moves to the man sitting at the table with the Hawaiian shirt. Dodgson advises the man to not to use his name, the man – Dennis Nedry, makes a big deal of Dodgson’s arrival to indicate that no one cares. After an exchange asking if he was trying to be a secret agent Dodgson gives Nedry the briefcase advising him that there’s cash inside. They begin laying out the plan for Nedry to steal dinosaur embryos from John Hammond’s resort on Isla Nublar. Nedry is revealed to be the park’s computer programmer responsible for handling everything at the park as it relies on automation from feeding schedules, tour vehicles, phones, electric, the island’s security, and the power. Nedry asks the important question of how Dodgson expects for Nedry to smuggle the embryos off the island. Dodgson reveals a Barbasol Shaving Cream can with a false bottom. Dodgson reveals that customs can check to see it is just like an ordinary shaving cream, and Nedry tests it to see shaving cream come out of the top. He quickly wipes it on a waiter’s tray where there’s some pie behind him. Nedry affirms he’s got an 18 minute window and intends to use it to help Dodgson’s company to steal the embryos and make their own dinosaur park. As the waiter drops the bill, Nedry motions for Dodgson to pick up the check and not to get cheap on him as it was Hammond’s mistake.

A blue and white helicopter is seen flying over the ocean, this would be an InGen company Helicopter that John Hammond uses to shuttle between Isla Nublar and the Mainland. We cut to the interior of the chopper to see the occupants to be John Hammond, Donald Gennaro, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Alan Grant. After a brief exchange and some good-natured laughter, the group approaches Isla Nublar. The landing itself was a bit rough due to the wind sheer, but the group exits the chopper to some awaiting jeeps to begin the tour of the island. The Jeeps are red and grey and are adorned with a “Jurassic Park” decal on the doors. As the jeeps drive Hammond and Gennaro confirm details about the security and stability of the island while making sure Hammond takes the matter seriously as it isn’t a “weekend excursion” or a vacation. Gennaro sternly says to Hammond that if experts and the investors aren’t convinced in 48 hours from now they will be terminating the project. Hammond assures Gennaro that in 48 hours from now Gennaro will be apologizing for lacking faith.

Hammond quickly tells the jeeps to come to a stop in an open field while Ellie is holding a green leaf of an extinct plant, proclaiming it shouldn’t be here on the island at all. Alan begins to look out the side of the jeep while Ellie is taken over the fact an extinct plant shouldn’t be around anymore. Alan finally gets her attention by moving her head to look where he is looking and they both see a fifty-foot plus Brachiosaurus strolling along picking at trees. Taken by this Alan and Ellie climb out of the jeep and slowly approach, entirely amazed and taken aback by the immensity of the sauropod as well as how active it is, how warm-blooded and not dwelling in a swamp. Hammond approaches and discloses it is a Brachiosaurus and while Grant asks “How fast are they?” Hammond states they clocked the T. rex in at around 30 miles per hour. Ellie and Alan can’t believe what they just heard about Hammond having a T. rex and Grant becomes weak in the knees. As Hammond welcomes both scientists to Jurassic Park, they see a herd of Brachiosaurs moving around a lake with some Parasaurolophus. In shock, Grant wants to know how Hammond did all this and Hammond tells him he will show them.

The jeeps pull up to the Visitor’s Center and Hammond escorts the group in, as they funnel into a theater for the presentation Hammond interacts with a film-doppelganger on screen to discuss the miracle of genetics and cloning. Taken the group hears the tale of how InGen’s scientists used mosquitos trapped in amber to genetically map and recreate the dinosaurs here for Jurassic Park. The cartoon is narrated by a cute DNA strand known as Mr. DNA who had a Texan accent of sorts. Hammond discusses how the animation isn’t totally finished as a lap bar comes down on the group and the tour moves on. The theater is a revolving ride of sorts to give guests a view of behind the scenes on Isla Nublar. The group sees the hatchery first, before the tour is cut short as Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm pop the restraining bar as they want to inspect the Hatchery. Hammond stops the ride and escorts them into the hatchery with Gennaro at his side.

Hammond is greeted by his chief geneticist, Dr. Henry Wu as Hammond finds out that one of the eggs are about to hatch. Hammond professes that he loves to be present for every birth to build a trust bond with the animals on the island. Dr. Malcolm quips that he’s surely not there for the birth of the animals in the wild. Wu responds to Dr. Malcolm that all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are all female and that there are no unauthorized breeding taking place in Jurassic Park, which is something Dr. Malcolm insists can’t be controlled because life finds a way. Dr. Grant asks about the species of the baby dinosaur hatching from her egg and Dr. Wu verifies it is a Velociraptor, something that Dr. Grant wants to see first-hand in the park to verify his theories from his and Dr. Sattler’s dig back in Montana. We move to see Dr. Grant leading the group to be standing outside the Velociraptor pen as a steer is lowered into it. Dr. Grant asks Hammond what they’re doing and Hammond responds that they’re feeding the Raptors. As the group moves closer they are greeted by Hammond’s game warden for Jurassic Park, Robert Muldoon. Muldoon and Dr. Grant strike up a conversation while Hammond and Dr. Sattler discuss the specifics about a planned viewing area for the Raptors. Muldoon goes on about how lethal the Raptors were and mentions that the lead female that took over the pack and killed all but two of the others had her subordinates testing the fences systematically for weaknesses so they could escape. Muldoon expresses why the Jurassic Park animal control staff has had to put them in the present enclosure and feed them like this. As the steer’s torn and frayed harness is taken out of the Raptor Pen, Hammond asks “Who’s hungry?!” and the tour moves on.

The guests join Hammond in the dining room. Sattler is handed a plate of Chilean Sea Bass, and appears to be disgusted by it, presumably losing her appetite after observing the raptor feeding. Hammond discusses the park’s opening schedule, and Gennaro remarks that there will be incredible financial gain. Hammond argues that his primary focus isn’t monetary, and the park was intended for a variety of people. Gennaro jokes about a “coupon day”, and Hammond is amused. Their interaction is interrupted by Dr. Malcolm, who expresses concern, remarking that the existence of the park is problematic in several respects. Gennaro opposes his assessment, but Dr. Malcolm insists that the endeavor is dangerous. He points out that the technology being used is potentially dangerous, and that there is a lack of humility in confronting the possibilities opened by this new power. He scolds the careless mindset of Hammond and his subordinates. Hammond argues that Malcolm would not be so reactionary if condors were being cloned. Dr. Malcolm criticizes the ambition of the pursuit once again stating that the dinosaurs weren’t eliminated from their habitats due to man’s act of deforestation, that they died long ago due to more external factors. Dr. Sattler sides with him, agreeing that the system is unpredictable and the animals would defend themselves violently if they had to. Hammond turns to Dr. Grant for support, but does not receive any there either. Hammond expresses disbelief, but the dinner is interrupted when Hammond learns that his grandchildren have arrived and declares to the group his “target audience” has arrived.

Grant’s expression immediately drops as he sees John Hammond’s grandchildren, Alexis “Lex” Murphy and Tim Murphy. His disdain for children being invoked earlier from the volunteer boy he taunted with a Raptor claw for merely being too snarky. The moment is temporary as the Ford Explorer tour vehicles pull out at the bottom of the steps before the group. Hammond mentions that the Explorers will be their transports for the evening and gestures his 12-year-old granddaughter, Lex, to the first car as she is taken in by the CD-ROM in the car. Hammond suggests to Dr. Sattler to take the second car. Dr. Malcolm, who has been casually flirting with Dr. Sattler the entire length of the trip decides to join her in the second tour vehicle. Dr. Grant goes to approach the second vehicle only to be approached by Tim. Hammond’s nine-year old grandson. Tim hounds Dr. Grant briefly a bit about dinosaurs as Grant tries to deflect him and pawn him off in the other tour vehicle. He is approached by Lex saying Dr. Sattler mentioned she would ride with him because it would be good for him. Alan exchanged a contemptuous look with Ellie in the other car.

While Hammond returns to the control room his guests sort out their seating arrangements with their vehicles. As Hammond comes down the hallway to the control room he is approached by Muldoon. Muldoon uses his key card to grant access as both he and Hammond enter the control room who discusses that the National Weather Service is picking up the beginnings of a tropical storm. Hammond gestures to Ray Arnold nervously if he is ready to start the tour program. Arnold merely responds with “Hold onto your butts!” as the tour is initiated and the cars automatically run along the track in the road.

As the guests find the vehicle they will be riding in, the cars automatically pull away from the Visitors Center and begin to enter the park remotely from the Control Room. Hammond blusters a bit about how they got Richard Kiley to voice the tour along with his usual “spared no expense” approach. Malcolm, Grant, and Sattler all three sort of mock about how their fates in the hands of engineers while Donald Gennaro rides with Hammond’s precocious grand children completely oblivious to the criticisms done by Malcolm, Grant, and Sattler in the car behind him. As the group approaches the iconic gates of the park Malcolm quips “What do they got in there? King Kong?!”

The group approaches the first animal paddock on their tour, Dilophosaurus. Grant is excited along with Sattler and Malcolm only for that excitement turns to utter disappointment due to the lacking presence of the dilophosaur. Grant just remarks “Damn!” as the tour car speeds off to the next animal enclosure. Cut to the Control Room with Ray Arnold going over a list of grievances involving the park’s operations. His main one right at the moment is that the tour vehicles headlights are on and not responding to commands to turn off as they are running off the car batteries. Hammond, upset, looks to Dennis Nedry and mentions he needs to be doing more to control this oversight. Nedry rebuffs Hammond and tries to inform him of his financial woes with the job. Hammond merely tells him he needs to be responsible for the mess he’s made and work to correct it. The arguing is broken up by Muldoon as he remarks the tour vehicles have approached the Tyrannosaurus paddock.

As the tour vehicles pull up to the Tyrannosaurus paddock they come to a sudden stop. The guests get comfortable to watch the show as Arnold comes across the intercom in the car that they are going to tempt the Rex now. Something that Grant remarks as preposterous and insists the Rex doesn’t want to merely be fed. She wants to hunt. As the goat is pushed up from an underground network of tunnels and facilities the group silently awaits the arrival of the Tyrant Queen. Unfortunately they are met with disappointment as the Tyrannosaurus fails to make herself known in an appearance. Disappointingly, the tour guests move onto the next animal enclosure for hopefully some kind of encounter. The tour group’s cars speed along as Malcolm asks Hammond whether or not he would have any dinosaurs on his dinosaur tour and taps the camera mockingly for a response. Hammond merely remarks to himself how much he hates Malcolm right now given their antagonistic relationship with each other up until this point. Sattler admits to Malcolm that she is honestly lost when it comes to Chaos Theory and Malcolm offers to explain how it works to her. Involving a glass of water and some obvious flirtation, he drops a drop of water down her arm, and insists that the inability to accurately predict the situation is an element of chaos theory at work. Grant, however, suddenly opens the door to jump out a moving vehicle. Something that Malcolm presents as a measure of unpredictability himself. Ellie, concerned, goes after him shortly after as Malcolm sits in the car musing to himself about another example of chaotic systems at work with the unpredictable nature of it all.

Grant and the group are walking through a field when he is joined by Tim, who hasn’t missed a beat, talking about Grant’s book versus Dr. Bakker’s book while Gennaro remarks they shouldn’t be out there. As Grant approaches what he was looking at he hushes the group and motions for them to stay back as he goes on ahead by himself. Something that Tim clearly disregards after a brief period and ventures forth with rest of the group in tow. Grant motions to them all that it is okay Gerry Harding, a park veterinarian, mentions the Triceratops is sick and was tranquilized by Muldoon this morning. The group falls in love with the fallen behemoth as Ellie begins to inspect the animal’s symptoms and asks Gerry Harding about them. He mentions that the animal seems to go through these issues every six weeks. While Ellie goes over the Trike’s tongue and pupils she discovers the effects she is suffering are pharmacological. It has to be caused by injecting of some kind of plan that is poisonous. As Ellie explores the area she finds that a bush of West Indian Lilac had been rooted through by the Trike most likely. Harding insists the animals don’t bother them even though there’s evidence to say the contrary and Dr. Sattler insists that she needs to see the animal’s droppings to be absolutely sure of that fact.

As a storm begins to rush in, the visitor group is ushered back to the tour vehicles by the control room due to the approaching storm along with the last call for the boat to leave the dock. To which Hammond curses regarding it while Nedry hurriedly finishes typing the computer code needed to deactivate the park’s security systems in order to steal the embryos that he was hired to do by Dodgson. Back at the sick Triceratops, Ellie opts to stay with Gerry Harding to volunteer her time with helping finishing up on treatment of the sick Triceratops just as thunder starts to roll in and the downpour starts. Ellie offers to meet up with Alan later after she is finished. The group departs under Gennaro’s insistence with Grant and Malcolm riding together and Gennaro and the kids in the other car. We cut to Nedry having a tense conversation with his contact on the boat, the mate is insistent that the Captain wants the ship to leave now due to the storm. Nedry pleads with his contact to give him fifteen minutes to activate a shut down to steal the embryos and bring it to his contact. The mate assures no promises as he terminates the video call with Nedry altogether. We cut to the tour group on their return back to Visitor’s Center with Grant asking Malcolm if he has any kids, to which Malcolm admits he’s got three. Grant follows up with asking him he was married, and answers occasionally then adds he’s always on the lookout for a future ex-Mrs. Malcolm. Cutting back to Nedry he begins to execute his plan by asking the others if they wanted something from the vending machines and tries to act like business as usual. When no one answers he mentions the system should go on and off due to it compiling. He switches over to his computer to set a stop watch and to execute the code required to do the shut down of the Park’s operating system. As Nedry waits for the security in the Visitor’s Center to shut down fully so he can steal the embryos we cut back Grant, Malcolm, Gennaro and the kids are on their way back as the storm starts to rain heavily and as the power shuts off, the vehicles stop dead in their tracks as Nedry sneaks out of the Visitor’s Center to meet his contact on the dock. In the Control Room, Hammond, Muldoon, and Arnold are horrified when they find the park’s security is totally offline and Nedry is no where to be found.

With the vehicles stopped in front of the Tyrannosaurus paddock, the visitors are finding themselves to be bored. They all unanimously agree to stay in the cars and wait the power outage out. Due to boredom Tim finds a box under the seat with a pair of goggles in them. While scaring Lex with them, Gennaro snaps at him and asks him if they’re heavy. Tim acknowledge they are and Gennaro chides him that they’re expensive and he should put them back. Tim gives Gennaro a sideways glance and continues in the back staring out the Explorer and learning the night vision functionality of the googles. It’s interrupted by the sounds and tremors of the Earth that cause the rear-view mirror in the tour car to vibrate. Gennaro asks the kids if they think the power is going to come back on, but Lex notices the goat is missing. As she asks where it was we see a severed leg land on top of the tour car with Gennaro and the kids in it. Everybody pulls back in fear as they see that the Tyrannosaurus knows the power is off for her cage. Gennaro makes a quick exit out of the tour vehicle and runs for the nearby bathroom while Grant and Malcolm look on. The kids have been left alone in their car and as the cables for the fence are cut, the Tyrannosaurus steps out of her paddock with a terrifying roar to let her know that the queen is loose. Grant informs Malcolm to stay absolutely still due to their vision being based off movement. The Rex begins to poke around Grant and Malcolm’s tour car until it is interrupted with Lex turning on the flashlight to distract the animal away. When the animal approaches, he shuts the door that Gennaro exited out of earlier in panic. The Rex watches both Lex and Tim while Tim keeps telling Lex to turn off the flashlight and then the Rex plunges her head in through the sun roof on top of the car causing the kids to scream in terror. Unsuccessful she moves to flipping the tour car over altogether and begins ripping at the under carriage of the vehicle. As the Rex attacks, Grant bravely goes out of his tour car with a flare and shouts at the Rex to try to distract her from the tour car, and it works mostly. As he throws the flare back towards her paddock, Malcolm gets out of the car and begins waving a flare and shouting. Grant tells Malcolm to freeze, but Malcolm tells Grant to save the kids as he begins to run and the Rex chasing after him. As the Rex chases Malcolm they run towards the bathroom on the side of the road. The same bathroom that Gennaro is hiding inside. As the Rex crashes through the building, Malcolm is buried and Gennaro is shown cowering inside a stall. The Tyrannosaurus quickly grabs Gennaro and gobbles him up after flinging him back and forth for a bit. With the Tyrannosaurus distracted, Grant goes over and manages to pull Lex out of the car. While Grant goes for Tim, Lex begins to scream and Grant turns around quickly to quiet her. The Tyrannosaurus is standing right there in front of Grant and Lex. Grant tells Lex to not to move and the Tyrannosaurus smells them and then gets creative by pushing the tour car around to make Grant and Lex move, luckily for them they end up putting the tour car between them and the Tyrannosaurus. While she acknowledges them out of reach she begins trying to get at Tim that is still in car hiding and unable to get out. Grant and Lex scale the side of the fence as the tour car is pushed up the road a bit to find they’re standing at the edge of a cliff. As Grant and Lex grab the wires to get down, the Rex is pushing the tour car over the cliff with Tim inside, eventually Grant finds their footing and narrowly escape as the tour car plummets down into a tree below them. The Tyrannosaurus roars a victorious roar in response to the tour car plummeting over the cliff and back into her paddock.

Ellie Sattler has been dropped off at the Visitor’s Center by Gerry Harding before he leaves to go on the boat. Ellie is in the control room listening to Arnold go over what Nedry exactly did to shut down the entire park and sabotage the whole operation. Arnold indicates that it is impossible to track what Nedry exactly did and that he’s needed to get Jurassic Park online. Hammond asks Muldoon to take a gas jeep and go after his grandchildren and the others. Muldoon agrees to go and Ellie joins him while Arnold still works to undo what Nedry did to the park’s operating system. Nedry is seen speeding through the park trying to make it to the dock. He ends up missing a sign, and falling off the road. He’s stuck in a ravine and his jeep isn’t making any traction whatsoever due to being stuck. He ends up getting out of the jeep, slipping and falling down the small little hill only to lose his glasses. After reassuring he can buy more glasses he sees the sign for the road down at the bottom of the cliff to indicate that he is near the dock. As he gets up he takes the tow cable winch from the Jeep to go wrap it around the tree so he can pull his jeep out of the spot it’s stuck in. The whole time there is something stalking him and worse, it’s playing with him. Nedry disconcerted turns around to see a juvenile Dilophosaurus looking at him. It playfully hoots and Nedry tries to get it to fetch a stick unsuccessfully. Nedry ends up turning his back on the dinosaur only for it to follow him up the hill and spit at him, immediately blinded he slams his head against his car while trying to wipe the poison away. When he falls the Barbasol can containing the embryos falls away from him. He climbs in the car at long last only to find the Dilophosaurus is sitting there, waiting for him. As he’s eaten the camera pans to the Barbasol can being covered up by mud.

We cut to Grant and Lex in front of a drain pipe in the Tyrannosaurus paddock, Lex in a panic is afraid that Grant is going to leave her and Tim like Gennaro did. Grant assures her that he won’t, he’s going to go up the tree and save her brother and motions for her to hide in the drainage pipe. She nods and crawls up to hide in it. Grant moves to the tree and begins looking up it to see the tour car that Tim was still in after the Tyrannosaurus pushed it up the road and over the concrete slab bordering her paddock she escaped from. Grant asks for Tim, but there’s no answer and so he begins climbing the tree and approaches it from the driver side. He finds Tim sitting under the front passenger side, huddled and looking up at Grant, he mention he threw up and Grant assures him he’s not going to tell anyone about it. He reaches over for Tim to help him out and ends up turning the wheel on the tour car unknowingly. Tim and Grant are on the tree and he mentions to Tim he’s going to help him climb down the tree. Tim is doubtful about making it down, but as Grant reassures him they hear the tree branch the Explorer on snap above them. They both race down the tree to narrowly escape the car as it falls down behind them. Eventually they reach the bottom of the tree for the car to crash above them, but Grant is quick to notice that the car itself begins falling forward. He covers Tim as they both drop down to the ground as it falls over narrowly missing them. Tim makes a joke about how they are back in the car again.

The scene cuts to a shot of Ellie and Muldoon racing to the site of the Tyrannosaur’s breakout in one of the gas Jeeps. They hop out of the Jeep and start searching around, calling out for Dr. Grant. They hear the roar of the Tyrannosaurus in the distance and are startled. Muldoon proclaims that with the fences down the dinosaur can wander in and out of any paddock it likes. They see the thatch laying all over the ground from the bathroom and go to investigate, finding Gennaro’s remains. Then they hear a moan underneath the debris, and upon moving it find Malcolm laying there, badly injured. He had put a tourniquet on to stop his leg from bleeding. Ellie asks Muldoon if there is any chance of moving him to the Jeep, and after they hear another distant roar from the Tyrannosaurus, Malcolm sits himself up, asking “Who needs chances?”

As Muldoon is getting Malcolm settled in the back of the Jeep, Ellie goes to take a look over the edge of the paddock wall, where she sees the other explorer at the base of the tree where it had fell. They venture down only to find the car empty and footsteps leaving away from it. We jump back up to Malcolm, who is waiting in the Jeep for the others to return. The camera pans down and shows one of the Tyrannosaur’s footprints in the mud, and we then hear that familiar sonic boom noise with the ripples in the footprint occurring. Malcolm knows what that means. He gets fairly alarmed. The other two rush back to the Jeep with Malcolm urging them to hurry. They barely get the car going when the Rex appears through the trees and begins to chase them. They speed through the jungle trying to get away from the animal, crashing through fallen trees and have a side-swipe with the head of the dinosaur. Muldoon shifts gear an floors the pedal, and they luckily escape. Malcolm sits up and breathes a sigh of relief, sarcastically asking if they would feature that on the official park tour.

We cut back to Grant and the kids, where they hear another one of the Rex’s distant roars. This causes them to climb up a nearby tree. Tim is reluctant based on his last experience with being in a tree, while Lex is eager to climb. When they reach the top they are greeted with a breath taking sight; a herd of Brachiosaurus feast on trees before them. Grant hops up onto a close by branch and tries to imitate the animal’s call. This alerts them and more appear from beneath the trees. Lex is startled and tells Grant not to make the monsters come near them, to which Grant responds saying that they’re not monsters but just animals, doing what they do. We are then met with a heartfelt moment between the Grant and the kids. They settle back into the tree and prepare to hunker down for the night. Alan takes the fossilized Raptor claw out of his pocket. Lex asks him about what him and Ellie will do now that they don’t have to dig up dinosaur bones anymore, and Grant says they’ll have to evolve too. Tim tells a few cheesy dinosaur jokes, and Lex voices her concern to Grant about the animals coming back while they are asleep. Grant tells her that he will stay awake all night. The scene ends with Alan throwing the claw away, to show him coming to terms with everything.

We go back to the Visitor’s Center where Hammond is sitting in the dining area eating ice cream as they were all melting. Dr. Sattler, after looking at a pillar with a fossil on it, moves over to sit across from Hammond on the long table where he is sitting and eating. Ellie informs Hammond that she had given Malcolm a shot of morphine to help him cope with the injury he sustained from attempting to distract the female Tyrannosaurus to allow Grant to rescue Hammond’s grandchildren. Hammond mentions about how it was ironic and how capable Grant was to lead his grandchildren through Jurassic Park due to being a paleontologist. Hammond discussing a memory he had where he had them first come down, and informs him it was all mechanized and how much he wanted Lex and Tim to see and touch something that was real. Hammond uses the opportunity to point out his mistakes on being overly reliant on automation and Nedry. He mentions the next time he would have more control and Dr. Sattler interrupts him to inform him that the control was an illusion. She insists that all that matters is the people they love now and them getting back. Hammond agrees silently before Dr. Sattler asks for a spoon to join in on the ice cream and mentions that it is good as she wipes a tear from her eye. We close on Hammond informing her he spared no expense.

We cut to morning and back to the tree where Grant and the kids were sleeping. Grant opens his eyes first to see a Brachiosaurus eating from the tree. As soon as Lex opens her eyes she begins screaming loudly. Grant tries to calm her and is successful in doing so. As they feed the Brachiosaurus, Lex becomes a bit warmer in reception of it. All three of them help hold branches out for the friendly giant as she eats. Tim then points out that the Brachiosaurs nose is red as he tries to touch it as the animal pulls back. Lex attempts to try to lean forward on a branch and pet her until the Brachiosaurus sneezes on her. Disgusted, scared, and startled by this she is covered in the animal’s snot as she stays hunched over clearly disturbed from the entire ordeal.

Grant and the kids begin their long journey back to the Visitor’s Center, Tim is taunting Lex about what happened as they move through winding grove full of tree roots. Grant steps over a tree only to find a group of hatched dinosaur eggs – a nest. Grant stops and inspects it while Lex and Tim circle back around. Grant informs them that the dinosaurs were breeding and then talks about how amphibian DNA could be the cause of it, especially since the dinosaurs were in a single-sex environment. As the camera pans to show two-toed foot print path, Grant says Malcolm was, life found a way. We transition to a tense conversation in the control room discussing strategy and what to do about the current situation thanks to Nedry. Hammond is suggesting an entire reboot with the power system and Arnold is apprehensive because such a thing has never been done before. Dr. Sattler asks if things would come back like the phones and other systems and in theory, Arnold agrees they should. Muldoon ventures forth a discussion about the lysine contingency. Ellie questions what exactly that was and Arnold tells her that Henry Wu used it as a method of stopping the spread of the animals off the island. Without the supplement they feed the animals, rich in Lysine, the animals would slip into a comma and die. Hammond insists it is out of the question before informing Arnold that people are dying and insisting he shuts down the system. Begrudgingly, Arnold agrees to it and shuts the power down in the control room, when he powers everything up again the room is dark. Save for a single computer monitor stating that “System Ready” amazed, Arnold insists he needs to go to the maintenance shed to reboot the breaks as the plan worked. Until then, Hammond, Malcolm, Sattler, and Muldoon move to the emergency bunker until the breakers could be flipped.

Grant and the kids are continuing their trek back to the Visitor’s Center and are in a beautiful valley. Grant notices that a herd of Gallimimus are coming their way and before long Grant, Lex, and Tim are running in the middle of the herd, they end up hiding under a down log and move to the other side as the Tyrannosaurus emerges from the forest to take out one of the Gallimimus. Grant points out how so similar to birds the dinosaurs behaviors were while Lex pleads with Grant for them to leave and get out of the air. Finally, reason fills Grant’s ears as he has them move out of the area, only to go back for Tim as he is amazed by the amount of blood present at the kill site.

Ellie Sattler is nervous because Ray Arnold has not yet returned and the power is still off. Further she’s convinced that something is definitely wrong and that something happened. She mentions to Hammond she wants to go and get the power back on, Muldoon informs her he wants to go with her due to the danger. Hammond discusses from looking at the schematics of the building he could walk Dr. Sattler through with flipping the breakers and restoring the system so they can call out for the helicopter from the mainland to rescue them. Muldoon and Sattler both depart with Muldoon readying his shotgun and they begin walking towards the utility shed. As they approach the Raptor Pen, they notice something is horribly wrong with the fence mangled and two-toed foot prints from the escaped Raptors leading into the jungle in the direction they need to go in order to get to the shed. As they move into the jungle Muldoon notes where the shed is, and Sattler insists they could make it if they run. Unfortunately Muldoon notes they are being hunted and he tells her to go towards the shed, he’s going to handle the Raptors. After a pause Muldoon commands Sattler to run now as he moves into the jungle and she runs the other direction towards the shed. As Sattler reaches inside the utility shed she radios Hammond to let him know she’s in as she turns on the flash light and plugs in her headset for the radio to speak to Hammond and Malcolm left behind in the emergency bunker where they had been in before.

Grant and the kids approach the perimeter fence, meaning they are getting closer to the Visitor’s Center where they can reunite with the others. Grant thinks the power is off, but tests it with a stick followed by faking being zapped by the wire as he grabs it. He turns with a mischievous smile as Tim loves it and Lex insists that it wasn’t funny. He begins looking for another way through the fence, but the survivors group is startled by a distant roar of the Tyrannosaurus in the distance signifying she was close. Ellie meanwhile approaches a dead end in the utility shed and as Hammond tries to help her orient herself again, Malcolm takes over the walkie talkie and has her follow the pipes and cabling to find the breakers. As she reaches the breakers and confirms she found them she begins working on restoring the power. We move back to Grant and the kids scaling up the fence, Lex tries to get competitive with Tim about who could race over to get to the ground first on the other side. Grant reminds them that this isn’t a race. Ellie successfully charges the primer and pushes the buttons as instructed by Hammond on the other end in the emergency bunker. The breakers all manage to glow with descriptions of what they control go down, with the perimeter fence that Grant and the kids are scaling simultaneously being listed towards the bottom. Grant and the kids hear the roar of a fence buzzer as Ellie proceeds through the reboot process. Grant mentions to Tim that he might need to jump and he would catch him. After going back and forth with Grant for a little bit about this Tim reluctantly begins to count down to three to jump only as soon as Ellie trips the last breaker Tim is electrocuted off the fence and into Grant’s arms. In the excitement of the power returning, Ellie Sattler is surprised by a Velociraptor that had been in the shed. She instantly tries to create distance between her and the Raptor and attempts to cage it in the chain link fence surrounding the breakers. As she backs up she find’s Ray Arnold’s severed arm and is horrified as the Raptor begins to tear through the chain link fence and chase after her as she runs outside. Muldoon meanwhile is continuing his hunt of one of the Raptors through the jungle. He readies his shotgun and prepares to take the shot of the one in front of him only to be attacked from the side by the one he didn’t see. As he is devoured by the one Raptor, the other stares on as it happens. Grant continues performing CPR on Tim in order to revive him before successfully helping him and bringing him back, Lex is overjoyed and so Grant as Tim says the final number he didn’t get to say before being shocked off the fence. Grant pats him and smiles a bit as the group continues their journey back to the Visitor’s Center to rendezvous with the others and to find a way way off of Isla Nublar.

Grant and the kids arrive at the Visitor’s Center at long last and begins shouting to see if anybody is around. Grant goes ahead and takes the kids to the dining are for them to get something to eat and informs them he’s going to go in search of the others. As Lex and Tim wait for Grant to leave they both proceed over to the buffet table of a bunch of desserts like pies and cakes on it along with fruits. Both kids grab a plate each and begin hungrily chowing down. Grant meanwhile is outside yelling for Ellie and eventually comes across her. With both of them reunited Sattler runs up and hugs Grant ecstatically.  We move back to Lex and Tim eating their plate fulls only for Lex to pause in utter fear as one of the dinosaurs on the mural, more their shadow, is moving. She quickly grabs Tim and they run to hide in the kitchen. Lex quickly turns off the lights as she enters the kitchen and she moves Tim to hide on the other side of the counters. It’s too late as the Velociraptors have picked up their scent and begin looking at a way to get inside with the door shut. Grant and Sattler move to the emergency bunker to arm themselves with a chilling discussion on the Raptors’ abilities on if they knew how to open doors and what to do to reboot the park’s systems via the computer.

As the Raptors enter the kitchen Lex and Tim begin the fearful response by keeping low to remain hidden and separating themselves from the two Raptors that are hunting them by hiding behind the counters. As Lex and Tim move the Raptors set up a few attempts to catch them by knocking pans over on top of them and poking through the bottom of the counter from the other side to check for them. Unfortunately for them as Tim goes to hide before he is discovered he accidentally knocks a spoon over and the Raptors are summoned to his location. He ends up hiding on the other side while Lex tries to hurry him to go behind them in order to escape. Tim is too petrified to move and Lex forms a distraction as a result by tricking one of the Raptors by her reflection as it slams its head into side of one of the counters hard. As one Raptor is down, Tim tries to escape only for the other behind him to chase after him as he runs into the freezer, both of them end up slipping and falling over as Tim escapes the freezer and attempts to slam the door shut as Lex runs screaming to approach and help him. They were both successful with locking the Raptor that chased Tim in the freezer and both of them escaping. As Lex and Tim run out, the other Raptor that had knocked itself out by chasing after Lex’s reflection begins to regather itself and watches the kids as they run out to meet up with Grant and Sattler as they both say they need to go to the control room.

As Grant, Sattler, and the kids reach the control room in a rush, Ellie runs inside to try to activate the security systems only for Grant to point out she needs to activate the door locks first, but it’s too late as the Raptor from the kitchen chases after them and is right in front of the door. As she attempts to open the door Grant and Sattler try to hold the door shut as Lex takes over and manages to reboot the system after a couple of tense moments, with finally enabling the door locks and re-enabling communications to the mainland. Relieved, Grant informs Hammond by calling him in the emergency bunker, but their victory is short lived as the Velociraptor attempts to go through the revolving theater and through the glass as Grant fires a few shots off at it. Grant, Sattler, and the kids use the opportunity to escape through the rafters in the Control Room to escape to the Visitor Center main lobby as the Raptor attempts to get into the rafters as well. With the survivors reaching the main lobby through the vents they begin jumping down on the scaffolding only to see the Raptor that had pursued them in the Control Room knew where they were heading. As the survivors move from the scaffolding to the skeletons the mount begins to break apart on the Alamaosaurus skeleton. Grant, Sattler, the kids, and the Raptor hang on as the skeleton topples and they all fall to the ground. As the group gets up, Ellie notices the Raptor from the utility shed she encountered earlier enters through a sheet of plastic that leads to the outside of the Visitor’s Center. The group huddles together as the Raptors close in preparing for the end only to be surprised by the rescue from the Tyrannosaurus. She attacks the Raptor closes to her, the one from the shed, as she moves under the tarp like the Raptor did a moment before. She chomps down on her victorious as the other Raptor screeches in anger at the loss of her hunting comrade. Grant, Sattler, and the kids use the distraction wisely by running out the front door to the waiting jeep with Hammond and Malcolm in it. Grant takes the opportunity to inform Hammond that he does not endorse the park with Hammond agreeing with him as they depart to the helipad for the waiting helicopter. The Rex is still struggling with the remaining Raptor until she manages to grab it with her fearsome jaws and throws it into the Tyrannosaurus skeleton and causing it to collapse on the stairs. The Tyrannosaurus lets out a loud victorious roar as the “WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE WORLD” banner hanging from the ceiling falls down in front of her.

The survivors had successfully made it to the helicopter and everybody begins loading up inside of it, Malcolm limps in as Ellie helps him and the kids are helped into the helicopter as well. Hammond, stares mournfully off into the distance as he hears the haunting song of a Brachiosaurus in the distance. He is startled as Grant comes up to him to motion for him to escape with them on the helicopter. With the experience over, Hammond is mournful over the loss of his dream, Malcolm is injured, and Grant and Sattler exchange a glance and a smile as she notes that Grant has warmed up to both of Hammond’s grand children as they stay leaned against him with their eyes closed. Grant lets out a smile as he watched two pelicans fly off in the distance from the island as the helicopter itself flies back to the mainland.









Alamosaurus (skeleton only)


Sam Neill – Dr. Alan Grant, world renowned paleontologist, part of the inspection team during the Jurassic Park incident in 1993. He also hates computers.

Laura Dern – Dr. Ellie Sattler, paleobotonist, girlfriend to Dr. Grant. Also part of the inspection team.

Jeff Goldblum – Dr. Ian Malcolm, chaos mathematician, part of the 1993 inspection team. Major annoyance to Hammond.

Richard Attenborough – John Hammond, CEO of InGen, creator of Jurassic Park. He spared no expense.

Bob Peck –  Robert Muldoon, Jurassic Park game warden. Loves knee-high socks.

Martin Ferrero – Donald Gennaro, lawyer. Is a pebble in Hammond’s shoe.

B.D. Wong – Dr. Henry Wu, head geneticist at Jurassic Park.

Joseph Mazzello – Tim Murphy, grandson of John Hammond. Major dinosaur fanatic.

Ariana Richards – Lex Murphy, granddaughter of John Hammond, older sister to Tim Murphy. Happens to be a vegetarian.

Samuel L. Jackson – Ray Arnold, head engineer. Avid smoker.

Wayne Knight – Dennis Nedry, main computer programmer at Jurassic Park. Wishes he was paid more.

Jerry Molen – Dr. Gerry Harding, head veterinarian of Jurassic Park.


In the late 1980s, Steven Spielberg was talking to Michael Crichton about what he was working on in the world of books. Crichton told him that he was writing a story about dinosaurs and bio-engineering, which immediately caught Spielberg’s attention. Eventually coaxing the whole basic story out of him, the filmmaker immediately went to Universal to place a bid to purchase the rights to the book. After a sort of bidding war, they won and the rights were bought before the novel was even published. In the year 1990, production began on what would become one of the biggest films in motion picture history.

In the summer of 1990, Steven Spielberg and producer Kathleen Kennedy began recruiting the “dream team” that would help make the film. Some of the first people hired were editor Michael Kahn, composer John Williams, and production designer Rick Carter. Storyboard artists began conceptualizing locations from Crichton’s novel and how they could be translated to the big screen. Producer Colin Wilson worked with Dennis Muren of ILM and Phil Tippet on how they would bring the movie’s prehistoric creatures to life. Stan Winston and his company, as well as Michael Lantieri, would be the ones to create the film’s practical effects. Stan Winston’s team spent a full year in the research phase, to insure that their animatronics looked and behave as realistically as possible. They consulted paleontologists, including Jack Horner, a popular name in the dinosaur community. The started from sketches, then went to colored renderings, maquettes, and then eventually the full size animatronic models.

Originally, the wide shots of the dinosaurs were going to be done by Phil Tippet and his “Go-Motion” technique, a revised version of stop-motion. However, Spielberg felt that while the tests Tippet was showing were good, there was just something off about them that didn’t sit right with the director. So, Dennis Muren offered to try and create the most realistic animations of the dinosaurs to date, all with computer generated imagery. Despite Spielberg having his doubts at first, Muren came back with animation tests that blew the director and everyone else in the room away. Upon seeing the tests, Spielberg knew that was the future. The decision to go completely CGI for the wide shots of dinosaurs was made. Tippet was disheartened, but Spielberg insured that he would still have a foot in the production of the film by helping the ILM animators with making the models move realistically.

Crichton wrote the first draft of the film’s script. Screenwriter David Koepp was brought on to do revisions and create what would ultimately be used as the production’s shooting script. Casting was a relatively simple process. Shooting began on Kauai in August 1992. But three weeks in, a force of nature would reach the island and impact production greatly. Hurricane Iniki struck the island, and the cast and crew had to wait out the storm in the lobby of their hotel. The hurricane was the worst Kauai has seen to date. The final bits of on location filming had to be moved to Oahu, where the now infamous Kualoa Ranch was used as the valley where the group try to outrun a herd of Gallimimus, on narrowly escape being seen by the Tyrannosaur. The rest of shooting would be done on soundstages at Universal Studios and Warner Bros. On the last night of filming, the cast and crew celebrated, and the movie would now go into post production. They had finished on budget and ahead of schedule.

After filming had wrapped, Spielberg had to leave production and begin work on his film Schindler’s List, which was set to release the same year as Jurassic Park. It was a tougher period of time for him in his life, and if he had the choice he wouldn’t have worked on both films at the same time. ILM finished their CGI shots, John Williams conducted the film’s iconic score, and the film was completed on May 28th, 1993, nearly three years after production began.

Release and Reception

Jurassic Park premiered at Uptown Theater in Washington, DC on June 9th, 1993, and was released in theaters across the world two days later on June 11th. It quickly became number one at the box office, grossing $47 million in its first weekend, and by the end of its first week it had grossed $81.7 million. Remaining at the top for three weeks straight, it earned $457 million in the United States and Canada, and at the end of its original theatrical run, had earned $914 million worldwide. It was the highest grossing film to date, and kept the title until James Cameron’s Titanic was released in 1997. The movie’s 3D re-release in 2013, to celebrate its 20th anniversary bumped it into the billion dollar club., and it is the third highest grossing film in the film franchise to date.

Although considered a true Hollywood classic today, and a landmark in cinema history, the intitial critical response to the film wasn’t all positive. The film has a score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Janet Maslin of The New York Times said the film was “a true milestone” but” becomes less crisp on screen than it was on the page.” Roger Ebert gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, stating that “the movie delivers all to well on its promise to show us dinosaurs” and “they are indeed a triumph of special effects artistry, but the movie is lacking other qualities it needs even more, such as a sense of awe and wonderment, and strong human story values”. However, Henry Sheehan argued against the complaints about the film’s story, pointing out Grant’s character arc with the kids. Empire Magazine gave the film their full five stars, remarking that it is “quite simply one of the greatest blockbusters of all time”. Today, the film is remembered by most as a true gem in Hollywood history, and a technological landmark in the work of computer generated effects.

The film had a huge line up of merchandise, with brand deals from over 1,000 companies. From clothing, toiletries, school supplies, to toys, video games, and even Jurassic Park branded food, it made a dinosaur sized footprint in the marketplace and you would see something Jurassic Park related in many homes. Kenner, a popular toy company at the time, produced two toylines for the film, and would later go on to work on The Lost World: Jurassic Park toyline, produce a Chaos Effect line featuring hybrids, and would begin work on the Jurassic Park 3 toys before they were bought and merged with Hasbro. Today, many people love to collect old Jurassic Park merchandise, some of Kenner’s toys can go for quite a large price online.

Filming Locations

Velociraptor Pen: National Tropical Botanical Garden, Limahuli Garden, Kauai, HI

Mano de Dios Amber Mine: Hoopii Falls, Kapaa, Kauai, HI

“Badlands” Dig Site: Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA

San Jose, Costa Rica: A1 Pastor Tacos, Kapaa, Kauai, HI

Helicopter Arrival Shoreline Rock: Keopuka Rock, Maui, HI

Helicopter Valley: Honokohau Valley, Maui, HI

Helicopter Landing Pad and Waterfall: Manawaiopuna Falls, Kauai, HI

“Welcome to Jurassic Park”: Pu’u Ka Ele Reservoir, Jurassic Kahili Ranch, Kilauea, Kauai, HI

Visitor Center Exterior: Valley House Plantation Estate, Kealia, Kauai, HI

Visitor Center Lobby and Rotunda: Stage 12, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

Visitor Center Control Room, Mr. DNA Ride, and Laboratory: Stage 28, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

Jurassic Park Gates: Waikoko Forest Management Road, Kauai, HI

Dilophosaurus Paddock: National Tropical Botanical Garden, Allerton Garden, Koloa, Kauai, HI

Tyrannosaurus Paddock: Waikoko Forest Management Road, Kauai, HI

Sick Triceratops: Valley House Plantation Estate, Kealia, Kauai, HI

Storm Jetty: Nawiliwili Bay, Lihue, Kauai, HI

Dilophosaurus Attack: Stage 27, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

Main Road Attack: Stage 16, Warner Bros Studios, Hollywood, CA

Explorer in Tree: Stage 27, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

Jeep Chase: The “Jungle”, Warner Bros Studios, Hollywood, CA

A Tree For My Bed: Stage 27, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

Egg Shell Trees: National Tropical Botanical Garden, Allerton Garden, Koloa, Kauai, HI

Gallimimus Stampede: Kualoa Ranch, Kaaawa, Oahu, HI

Emergency Bunker Exterior: Valley House Plantation Estate, Kealia, Kauai, HI

Electric Fence Climb: Olokele Canyon, Kauai, HI

Maintenance Shed Exterior: National Tropical Botanical Garden, Allerton Garden, Koloa, Kauai, HI

Maintenance Shed Interior: Stage 23, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

“Clever Girl” Hunt: Stage 27, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

Velociraptor Kitchen Attack: Stage 24, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

(Source: ShadeOne.Com Jurassic Park Filming Locations)