Jurassic Park Adventures (Book Series)

Jurassic Park Adventures was a new original series of exciting high interest with low reading-level fiction for young readers. Written by a noted fantasy author who has become an expert in creating scientifically accurate dinosaur fiction for children, each book featured an all-new story set in the fictional dinosaur preserve of InGen’s Site B, the result of John Hammond’s lost dream of Jurassic Park. Each book also included dinosaur fun facts, a list of dinosaur Web sites to check out, and six full-color, punch-out dinosaur trading cards!

Survivor – Jurassic Park Adventures 1

All thirteen-year-old Eric Kirby wanted was a chance to get up close with live dinosaurs. When Ben Hildebrand and his mother, Amanda Kirby, offer him the chance he took off for Isla Sorna. Eric and Ben would get to parasail over the derelict Isla Sorna island where InGen cloned their experiments for John Hammond‘s dream. Something goes terribly wrong when the boat they are parasailing on is attacked after it goes through a mysterious bank of fog, and the two fall from the sky onto the island. Eric is the only survivor after Ben dies, and he is trapped in a hostile environment where he is the prey for the prehistoric carnivores. Eric will have to use all of his wits and courage to stay alive until help arrives. This story accounts for Eric Kirby’s 8 week adventure of being stranded on InGen’s Site B island.

116 pages
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers June 12, 2001.
Written by Scott Ciencin

Prey – Jurassic Park Adventures 2

A band of teenagers armed with video cameras and what they think are “the rules of the island” parachute into Jurassic Park. But their dream of making a blockbuster dinosaur documentary soon turns into a nightmare because dinosaurs don’t play by anyone’s rules. Can paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant and 13-year-old Eric Kirby (the stars of Jurassic Park III) save them? Or will they all become prey?

123 pages
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers October 23, 2001
Written by Scott Ciencin

Flyers – Jurassic Park Adventures 3

In this third book, Americans are stunned when a trio of Pteranodons escapes Jurassic Park and tears across the United States. No one wants to see these awesome creatures destroyed, yet their presence is terrorizing the country—especially after they nest in one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions! Can Jurassic Park survivors Dr. Alan Grant and 13-year-old Eric Kirby find a way to lead these winged creatures home?

128 pages
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers March 26, 2002
Written by Scott Ciencin